Battle of The Photography Blogs: SLR Lounge vs Fstoppers

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Full Article:

Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge and Lee Morris of Fstoppers take to the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico to see who can take the best street fashion image

Model: Yuanilie Alvarado:

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Gear Used:

Sony A7III Mirrorless Camera:

Tamron 28 – 75 2.8 lens:

Profoto B10 portable flash (2):

Profoto Air Remote TTL (for Sony):

Profoto Zoom Reflector (1):

Profoto 20 degree Honeycomb Grid (1):

Profoto 3′ Octa Softbox:

Profoto OCF Color Gel Kit:

Think Tank Airport Roller Bag:

  1. courtoob says

    bruh this is cringe

  2. Tuzaflip says

    Don't switch yo Sony, that's what I got from this video, also SLR Lounge kick butts out here.

  3. Jai DaMann says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sony a7rIII… Everything is perfect – with the exception of the damn menu.

  4. pdiddy35 says

    36:30 Patrick "He's lost several times now"… LMAO this video is great!

  5. pdiddy35 says

    35:4635:52 the subtle zoom, heightened music, Lee's expression of defeat… priceless! LOL

  6. Miguel Smart says

    Pye and Lee both took great photos they had a great model(@Yuanilie)to work with

  7. Miguel Smart says

    Love the landscape of Old San Juan, Puerto to photograph

  8. Aldo Susanto says

    Where is the damn blue door, Lee?

  9. Latesh lilwa says

    Hey why is this shoe bothering u so much? That was disrespectful
    And shoes are fine brother..

  10. Huie D. says

    Outstanding challenge and yet very valuable tutorial/training video!! Thanks so much!!

  11. Jan mayer says

    It's was a great master class!

  12. George W says

    Look at you 2 acting like you’ve never seen a Sony. Slow clap.

  13. AutoFOCUSED says

    The white balance is wayyyy too blue for my taste.

  14. bartender mnbvcxz says

    why da hack u guys came back from puerto rico???…

  15. Jaskinia Męstwa says

    What a perfect use of a model's time, figuring out the light and white balance settings. 🙂

  16. Freddy Lopez says

    You two knuckleheads were prime time knuckleheads. I say this with love because I love you both and watch your YouTube shit all the time. I know you were having grand goofy time for entertainment purposes and you love teasing each other. but you had the most beautiful vulnerable sensual latina you could ever want. And yes you both got cool shit but I feel you missed great emotion in the midst of your bamboozling. The video captured some tender vulnerability that went right by you. Talk less listen more. I say kudos to the lovely model for her patience and professionalism. Hope you appreciate a different perspective. Thanks boys keeep on rockin. Fl

  17. Amy says

    First of all, I love this video. That B-roll is sooooo good! If I have to pick a shot, I honestly loved them all for an editorial and fashion shoot but loved Pye's photo just a smidge more than Lee's photo.

  18. Voodoo Mind says

    Poor Lee… I could see the heartbreak in your eyes man…lol i think you guys both did great.. i was 50/50 on it. But I agree with shobhit.. Patrick's b-roll killed it.. at the risk of making Lee and Pye cry, Patrick would have won with a still frame from his b-roll..😂

  19. Rick Espinoza Photo says

    Honestly, Its a tied !! Both of you pictures sucks !! no matter how expansive Lights you guys are using

  20. says

    Pye wins 👏

  21. Chavish Sirisupsoonthorn says

    hahahahahahahaha LMAO

  22. Nathan D. Owens says

    oh my god. She is amazing! Obviously knows her angles well!


    I'm team Pye! His interactions are so educational to me! The imperfections in his first shot capture some of the grunginess of Puerto Rico so much better. Love both sets of submissions tho..

  24. craig adams says

    What a beautiful model. How can you take a bad pic of her?

  25. Bach Photography says

    You guys got some really awesome shots! Love the ones shooting up from the ground in the street

  26. goollink says

    Fila is no boost or react, but boy..they're so good right now, especially for the price

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