1. meenakshi N S says

    Second one is too small

  2. Plya pravallika Raju says


  3. Mythri Deekshith says


  4. Rose Santy says

    What is saree function

  5. Srilatha Wuntakalu says


  6. s Ragu says

    Very nice 😘😘😘

  7. Ravi Chandran says


  8. Nagaraj Aavula says


  9. TMSWAMY Swamy says


  10. Ibrahim Wazir says

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful girls

  11. Brunda H L says


  12. B.RAJESH rajesh says

    More nice video

  13. Raseena Ali Raseena Ali says

    What is mean by saree ceremony

  14. Shobha Gm says


  15. Santosh Pawar says

    She was so butiful

  16. Babuakki Akki says

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  17. Raju Arora says

    itani choti ladki ki shadi

  18. Mamta Rai says

    Y konsi ceremony h first time dekha

  19. Likki Praveen says


  20. khushee chudare says

    very nise

  21. Minigopal Reddy says


  22. Kondapragatru Jaswanth says


  23. Gajendra singh Nathawat says

    You are very beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Gajendra singh Nathawat says

    I love south indians😍😍😍😍

  25. nikita rao says

    full red saree girl is looking beautiful

  26. spandana manda says

    పెదవులకి లిప్స్టిక్ వేస్తే సరిపోయేది కదా…అనవసరంగా nelolac red paint వేసారు…అది ఒక్కటి వదిలి పెడితే..మిగతా అంతా సూపర్

  27. Raja G says


  28. shyamala jk says

    Pillalu natural gane entho bavunnaru antha make up vesi Valla naturality pogottaru…. anyway godbless you ….very cute

  29. Arshad Basha says

    I think tat girl get Machture tats way they're celebrating dis function.
    But lovely girl's God bless you both

  30. Srirathna A says

    குழந்தைகளை குழந்தைகளாக இருக்க விடுங்க

  31. D sandeepika reddy Reddy says


  32. Rishabh Tiwari says


  33. Chaitu T says

    God bless you gals……..

  34. Gatla Rajender says


  35. Sunitha Yamagani says


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