6 Types Of Amazing Travel Photos That You'll Be Proud To Show Your Friends And Family Back Home

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Watch this photography tutorial to discover 6 types of amazing travel photos that you’ll be proud to show your friends and family back home…

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  1. Jürgen Trockenbau says

    Awesome video! Well done! 🙂👍

  2. John Taylor says

    Not every "tourist" has the luxury of waiting for different times of the day, change of view or perspective is the better option.
    Not every "tourist has the luxury of being able to carry multiple lenses for an interchangeable lens camera.
    The negative space example wasn't a holiday / tourist shot !! … Nice idea, but it doesn't say "I've been to".

  3. Do Ngoc Binh says

    Thanks for Your pratical advises .

  4. IELTSanswers says

    Are you Mitchell from the TV show Modern Family?

  5. Tearitloose Tearitloose says

    This is just great.. cheers

  6. 123vandrax says

    I want to get all my photo in focus can I trust f5.6 or shud I stick with f8 to be sure?

  7. Edie Dube says

    You are indeed a professional. I love your videos. Stay blessed, more Grace. Shalom….

  8. Phaneendra Avula says

    I love your videos so much and very useful.

  9. sarath chandran says

    Amazing narration.

  10. Krista Sente says

    Thank you so much for such valuable information!

  11. Gobar Gober says

    The advice what i needs from you. Seriously very clear and easy to understand. And can you give me some advice for trouble of setting lightning composition when outdoor or indoor?

  12. rockysikander says

    awesome advice ! ! !

  13. rockysikander says

    There is a dynamics when people are sitting in a park there are so many emotions.
    WHY HAVE"'nt I THOUGHT OF THAT ! ! ! ! !

  14. Pragadesh Raja says

    Dear Mr. Mark, I am from India now in California with family. I really appreciate your commanding but calm voice in your instructions regarding the photography. Even though I am new to my camera nikon d7000 and with 18-55 and 55-300 lenses I have confidence now after listening to your instructions. Thank you a lot.

  15. shee says


  16. I am The420maN says

    Anyone know exactly what camera that is?

  17. You are a very wonderful man And everyone should be thank you, thanks alot to
    Photography Pro

  18. Rajeev Kamalasanan says

    Awesome video and content

  19. Jose Sanabria says

    He's a fantastic instructor, even for people who already have experience in this fascinating activity, photography,. It's always great to come back to the basics from time to time not to forget simple ways to get fantastic pictures. By the way, his look and voice remind me of Edward Norton haha.

  20. Learner Ham says

    Why use a zoom lens with the lady subject, an not just use a 35-80mm?

  21. Weslie Porter says

    Great value. Thank you 🙂

  22. Pepe Guitarra says

    Thank you, you are very charming and the video very useful. San Miguel was one of the best secrets many years ago, now, it is so full of tourists.

  23. Criado's Art Studio says

    Thank you for the tips I lived in that city for ten years and you have capture the amazing images of Mexico thank you.

  24. Mahi's Tavel & LifeStyle says

    how can i control my shutter speed? my camera is Canon EOS 77D

  25. April says

    This is a great video. Beautiful photos.

  26. bowlfullofcherries says

    Thank you for being someone who doesn't start off with "don't do this…don't do that"
    Happy to learn. Great job!

  27. Mvrderface says

    thanks, keeping doing these videos! 🙂

  28. Jasmin Mullings says

    What kind of camera do you use? If I may ask?

  29. MrVangassen says

    Church with back-light you can resolve even easier. You just need to pop into the nearest lamp store and get 70.000 Watts floodlight. Just aim it at the church and voila.

    Really tho,thank you for very informative video. Big thumb up!

  30. Jack Brown says

    Why are you lying? You have a timer on the bottom of the Digital Camera Mastery page that says "But first, I have to warn you about something: Registration for Digital Camera Mastery closes in X hours", then you write "Why is there a deadline for registration?

    My experience has shown that students form a more active
    community when many people are completing the course at the same time,
    which helps them further improve their photos.
    I don’t know when the registration will open again, but
    it probably won’t happen anytime soon because I’ll be busy delivering a
    world-class experience to my current students.
    Even if the timing is not perfect, I still recommend
    that you sign up now since you’ll get lifetime access to all course
    material, and the registration won’t open again anytime soon."

    See, you claim it won't open up anytime soon but when the timer hits 0, it starts back at 23:59, so you're clearly lying about the registration deadline to create an urge to buy your product. If you believe lying to your potential customers is a good thing, then why would I believe anything you say/write? Why would I believe about your 30 day money back guarantee? Why would I even believe you're an "’internationally recognized professional photographer"? You sure love repeating that one, which makes it even more fishy.

  31. creativeia2702 says

    Thx for sharing your long experience with us…

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