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You’re gonna love these crazy pranks. But be careful some of them are gonna make your friends swoon or womit! ; )

Take several needles with bead end, cut them in half, put some glue gun on the edges and stick it to your finger from the both sides. Add some red food coloring and go freak out your friends!
Find out how to make scary funny picture for your obnoxious admirer using plain mirror.

I can wait to show you edible soil and worms recipe to scare off your frinends! It’s actually delicious. Pour some milk, cocoa powder and gelatin in the cup, microwave then pour it into a stack of drinking straws, let it freeze. Crumble couple of chocolate cupcakes into a bowl, squeeze jelly worms out of straws and Bon appetit!

You can also prank your friend by imitation cracked phone screen! If you’re too lazy you can use Broken Screen App. It simulates the broken screen effect on smartphones and tablets to have fun with your friends. Don’t worry, it will not harm your smartphone or tablet.

If you liked this edible prank, you can also try making tasty white chocolate lipstick!


1:50 Edible worms
4:34 Spy flashdrive
5:56 Fingerprint test
8:30 Office basketball

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  4. dido dodo says

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  5. JohnAlexpro says

    10 minute crafts

  6. CoolFish says

    Acting 11/10

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  12. Grover Bundy says

    Well you've been drinking if you think these work

  13. Rowan Williams says

    I hate your centent so much. I hate it almost as most as I hate Ted Cruz. That guys horrible

  14. LoreeroL says

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  15. joao Vitor says

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    2:35 take note that the shovel might be dirty

  18. Ruk Mini says

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  20. Jacob Fogarty says

    It is bad

  21. Eddy says

    1:57 rip turtles 😔

  22. Singh Vipenjeet says


  23. ProbablyAnnoyingLlama says

    Why am I watching this, what is wrong with me, why am I watching click baiters and content re-users

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  25. Heather Carbourne says

    Half of these are from TroomTroom

  26. Francisco Ferreira says
  27. Terrell Rayfield says

    Hey what are you doing

  28. Zachary Wilson says

    Why do these videos get so many views the crafts are useless

  29. drabhydra37 says

    wow thats some epic content i wish i could steal other peoples ideas/ come up with the dumbest "life hacks" and make as much money as this guy 10/10 epic diy pranks #victoryroyale

  30. Luke Nichols says

    4:45 whatcha watchin there?

  31. Parker 876 Curtis 654 says

    Nice boyyyyyyyyi love it

  32. Ace Cruz says

    Pranks Are Okay, But Not When They Cause Heart Attacks
    Acting Is Entertaining, But Not When The Actors Are Obvious
    Videos Are Great With Sound, But Not When They Have Annoying Music Added To Them

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