Capturing Death Valley with Nick Page – Landscape Photography and Timelapse

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“Capturing Death Valley with Nick Page – Landscape Photography and Timelapse”

Landscape photographer Nick Page and I head out for an awesome sunset shoot at the Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park. Where we capture landscape photography and timelapse.
Nicks Channel and Vlog from the day

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  1. gokul109 says

    A master class on composition. Inspiring as always 👍

  2. Kiko Almanza says

    Super bloom, desert bloom!!!

  3. Levian & Z Nachtschatten says

    Stop deleting you vids please

  4. yassine achagui says

    I hope this channel grows because this is really some great content

  5. Starbucksguitar sbg says

    Awesome work here!!

  6. Jonas Høholt says

    incredible footage Michael. Surely looks like a magical place!

  7. Ewan Dunsmuir Images says

    Your exposure control, and colour grading of your vids is just so o o o o good buddy. Well done. Subscribed! = )

  8. Tom Martinson says

    Nick Page brought me here… Your stuff is amazing. Death Valley is on my for-sure list now. I just have to hope for such amazing light, and I would love to know what time of year is the sweet spot out there.

  9. Rick Kloekke says

    Insane conditions! Great shots!

  10. Ben Horne says

    I really enjoyed this Michael! You had some killer conditions, and the shots really show it it!

  11. Pat Thompson says

    You are a talented videographer. A little more self-confidence as you speak about what you/we are seeing would make your content even better. I've seen Nick's work and you are there already. Good luck…

  12. Wade Poitras says

    Beautiful, beautiful shots of the dunes in epic light. Man, it was gorgeous. I'd be interested in seeing what you could do in the mountains between Jasper and Banff. Nick's been there many times. Maybe content for a future vlog/trip!

  13. Alicia TangoTweety says

    This video was poetic!

  14. Zeverie Photo/Music says

    Awesome video! Was an enjoyable watch and the images are outstanding. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Luiz Henrique Monticelli says

    Great job guys. I can bet you had such a great time. That weather btw was a true blessing and the images are mind-blowing. Well done!

  16. Ben Hicks says

    dude, this is so inspiring!

  17. J. Whyte says

    that shot at 5:12 …….. man.

  18. Ivan Josh says

    Hiiii! I'm a big faaaaan! I follow you on Instagram yet I didn't know you had a YT channel Michael! Your work is really FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work! Love lots! ❣

  19. Jann Smith says

    Very nice, Michael…. the composition at 5;10 is amazing.

  20. Cosmin Marin says

    Jeez, that's awsome!!! What did you record your vlog with?

  21. Frédéric Hautecoeur says

    Wow! Awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience. Great shots and infos. Inspiring for me

  22. Philip Slotte says

    You're on another level with everything you do Michael, these vlogs are insane! Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. BMRTV says

    5:09 WOW!

  24. montanarealty83 says

    awesome work! what camera did you use to film the vlog?

  25. ISO Awe says

    Great presentation. Have a question… do you usually pick a lens and stick to it when shooting in those conditions, or take a chance to change it out there? When I’m shooting in wind with salt/sand, I’m very reluctant to open that body up. Thanks

  26. Yao Wang says

    Just got choked…by the beauty of this. Could this be better? Everything is so graceful and beautiful. Definitely love the works!

  27. cii1072 says

    Fantastic lighting and captures. I would like it if you could post your settings with the photos. Thanks.

  28. pratik patil says

    Hey man you just Rock! Please keep making such amazing videos.

  29. Adrian Alford Photography says

    Awesome video!  Many thanks for sharing, really enjoyed it.  Cheers!

  30. Robert Fleckenstein says

    Wow Michael, you guys are really "kicking it up a notch". Beautiful to see the photos being done today. And it is so joyous to once again hear most talking and implamenting charactoristics such as (composition), which I haven't heard talked about for 35 years, leading lines, near-far relationship, mood, feelings, and the most, what I feel, important element (emotional impact). Simply wonderful; give yourselves a pat-on-the-back because, whether or not you know it, you deserve it. Has anyone ever said you look like a young Ansel Adams?

  31. Gaby Isphoto says

    absolutely stunning!!!

  32. Diego McCartney says

    I just don’t know what I like more, the b roll or the images. Stunning job sir. You are raising the bar for all of us YouTube landscape photographers!

  33. Tomas Estrada says

    Video and shots came out great, nice work! Keep it up.

  34. Brian Higgins says

    Spectacular light beautifully captured. Video, time-lapse, and mesmerizing images…wonderfully inspiring…

  35. Chris Mosner says

    Epic, simply epic. We are all fortunate you two were there to capture these conditions.

    I'm not sure how you didn't burst into tears in the midst of that beauty. I am in awe.

  36. Greg Snell says

    Dude I just became your 33,001 subscriber 😄 awesome.

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