Sekiro (Spoiler Free) Debug Mode – Developer Free Camera – Removed Photo Mode

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Hi everyone, first of all, NO SPOILERS! I haven’t even gotten past the first room yet haha. Seriously though I’ve spent the past 24 hours working on this like craaazy to be able to show it off totally spoiler free before the game’s official release. I’m not going to be working on cut content for Sekiro for a long time, but restoring a simple developer debugging feature is cool! I hope you think its cool too!

  1. Lance McDonald says

    Thank you for watching! I hope that, even if like me, you're avoiding spoilers, you still found this interesting without ruining anything for you. I'm going to batten down for a while now and actually go play the game properly! Are you'se playing Sekiro? I assume most Soulsborne fans are but I also get the impression there's a few of youse who aren't keen on the single-player-only experience.

  2. Grimm says

    please add photomode fromsoft

  3. FlameLFH says

    Why haven't you released this mod publicly yet?? I'm sure MANY people wanna use it…

  4. DGT entertainment says

    Hi Lance, we're looking for someone like yours to collaborate on an ambitious video game project. If you are interested contact us at tks

  5. nrg says

    Oh please please tell me what kind of weapon the last boss of the game in the Return ending has that he pulls out looks like

  6. Chris Lombardi says

    Possible to get this on ps4?

  7. Fabio Pereira says

    Please make a mod for this

  8. john smith says

    Finally a video about the game that won't spoil it

  9. Kirby C says

    Hey, just wondering, is this free to download. I wanna make a sekiro GIF but with a different camera angle. This is one of the GIFs I made for this game.

  10. Distinctly - ST MD - Average says

    Why they removed a photo mode from Sekiro, and haven't had one for Dark Souls or Bloodborne is odd to me.
    These games scream photo mode potential.

  11. Dizzytek says

    Can we enable this feature? Please share

  12. TOMLEE says

    maybe tell us how to do this

  13. Joe says

    Great work. Is there any way you could release this for others to use? I'd love to be able to take PoV screenshots of all the vistas in this game for mapmaking inspiration.

  14. The Runaway Project says


  15. Serhat Yücekaya says

    How you re accessing that mode?

  16. Ukiyo EEe says

    so fast!

  17. tom yum says

    Please tell me that you release the debug mod !

  18. Cody Ingram says

    geez man.. knowledge of you might not be very wide spread at the moment.. but in certain circles, you are a legend.

  19. Praise The Sun says

    No spoilers. Good man.

  20. James Chilingerian says

    0:04 Somebody's been brushing up on their proper japanese pronunciations.

  21. cloudbloom says

    How the hell do you even discover this stuff and how to use it

  22. Dede says

    Spoiler free? but now I know what the ding dang jump button is, and that's half the game right there! Lance you sweet boi how could you do this to me?

  23. Ashema Bahumat says

    Weit, it's already out?

  24. SarahJ says

    Just started this game its so amazing. Cant wait to see cut content!

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