Divorced Couple Looks At Their Wedding Photos

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In 2016, over 800,000 couples divorced in the US. How many of them stay friends?


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  1. LeXiE GrAcE!! says

    I hope they come back together!!

  2. Wee Nee says

    He look like he’s a puff guy but he’s weak

  3. Aisha says

    Seems like personal distance got in the way of this marriage/connection. Their job schedules. Never seeing each other, etc. One of them needed to change that scenario in order for it to work. I know from personal experience. When you never see your spouse it takes a toll. Our situation is now different and we’re way happier. Either way, wish them both the best!

  4. Bridget Lotoft says

    She is such a beautiful soul. He just rushed it all before he knew himself and brought her through his pain. Then left her when it got hard. You never give up! So what y’all were like roommates!? Get help, nurture your marriage…TRY! It’s not going to be pretty all the time. Marriage is about a journey together of changes, growth and a lot of humility… there is no room for selfishness. I just don’t understand. This wasn’t grounds for a divorce.

  5. gigi says

    i made the mistake of watching this in class and now im crying in the middle of my lecture

  6. Ariel Pierce says

    that poor girl. he's not a real man, i have much sympathy for her

  7. Ally A. says

    5:23 breaks my heart
    I think he just wasn't strong enough to have that kind of relationship (marriage) and that's why he broke up with her, because I think everybody can see how bad they want each other (or is it just me?).
    I'm not a expert at stuff like this but that's just the way i felt about that.

  8. RFI-Crypto Lab says

    No sense living in the past. What's done is done.

  9. Mireya Seymour says

    It's sad because he's the one who jumped into the marriage and then he was the one to end it. I don't think he was fully ready when he asked. I mean at a concert is a cute/romantic idea but time will tell if you're going to spontaneously propose when you're not ready to live a married life.

  10. Kingbish 2000 says

    You can see that they still love each other

  11. Kingbish 2000 says


  12. Miami 2mumbai says

    Buzzfeed playing with emotion Again.

  13. Monica Barragan says

    Last night my husband pulled an all nighter after working all day just to listen to me because my sleeping schedule is off from not being able to sleep due to being pregnant. I haven't seen much of him because I sleep up until he leaves for work. But that's not the hard part, the hard part is that he is selfish while I give myself completely for him. The things I've been through, I hope no one to go through. I'm working hard for my marriage and divorce is not an option. Only hope that I can remember to be happy and be the best wife, so that my husband can realize and God can change him.

  14. IT NEXt123 says

    Why would they divorce they look so happy together!😭

  15. otto dharmawan says

    I really hate this guy. I know I'm not an expert in marriage, but as a married man, I know that marriage isn't always perfect. Both has their own flaws, but they just have to accept each other's flaws. Nobody said marriage will be easy, but you just don't give up on each other for petty things like job or money. I know it's cheesy, but at the end of the day, if you really love your spouse, you'll find a way to make your relationship work, no matter how bad it gets. It's clear that this guy didn't really love the girl on the first place.

  16. John Carlo Colico says

    Feels Sad for them😭💔

  17. AliciaTheIconic Kid says

    She was crying way before this was recorded

  18. lauren rossi says

    While sometimes Divorce can be okay and necessary (abuse, cheating) etc… the reason this “man” or should I say “boy” had… was not excusable. Divorce carries pain no matter who initiates it.

  19. lauren rossi says

    3:26 was he being serious???

  20. Exstrine Rblx says

    And that’s why you have to lived as a couple together for 2-4 years then decide if this is the right time

  21. Monique Rodriguez says

    How dare you give up on her like that… work out your problems, don’t ignore them 🙁

  22. Izelle Sheree Oliquiano says

    it’s sad how she’s doing this to have closure and the boy’s doing this for the money.

  23. Monique Rodriguez says

    Aw this poor girl 🙁

  24. Ur second Eyelash says

    That guy’s a total dick

  25. Hintabask says

    I worked rotating 12 hour shifts and my husband worked either 3-11 or 11-7. It wasn’t until about 20 years later that I finally was able to work 8 hour days and he finally was put on days as well. We now get home 15 minutes apart. When he worked 3-11 I would go to bed from 8 to when he got home. Then we spent our time together from midnight till 4 in the morning for MANY, MANY years. I don’t regret a minute of it. It’s what you do if you love a person and want to be with them. You figure a way.

  26. Quinty Grande says


  27. Aaliyah La’cole says

    the hug was really sweet☹️☹️❤️

  28. Evva GJ says

    Divorce is way better rather than being separated watching your spouse in another relationship while you're the one who need to take care your children.

  29. jaredsshield says

    She seems to still love him. I feel sorry for her. I was like this with my ex. I hope she finds happiness with someone else.

  30. Rbnsn 123 says

    I feel so Sad about Her…. People like Her need to he Loved more and More
    People with such good and Pure Hearts are needed in this World

    Her Eyes Speak 1000000 times more than what she says

    God Bless this Woman 🙏🏻
    If Anyone Deserves Happiness and True Love, it's this Woman

  31. Gregg Fridline says

    I got divorced, it went so bad after 16 years I burned everything about it. So no going thru old wedding pictures for us and my ring is in the middle of the yard still after 5 years.

  32. Dimple koli says

    oh my god …..i can feel the pain… on her face when he kissed her on chick😭

  33. kaylene crane says

    Thumbs down, because I hate seeing her sad, and the boy is selfish

  34. Leah Ingraham says

    Why did he try to fight for her? He just gave up

  35. Jona Tripoli says

    I think she still love him ☹️

  36. lisa smeaton says

    I'm glad I'm not married yet. Too bloody expensive to get married and divorced. Both my partner and I are happy the way things are. He keeps out of my way and I get in his way (joking) nah he works during the week and I work weekends, but we still make time for each other as well as family time with our 2 kids. Each relationship is different, so you really can't say your relationship is the same as theirs.

  37. CollegeGirlKEY says

    Honestly 🖕🏽him. I wouldn’t want to be friends with him. He filed for divorce cause his job had him up & out 4am & they didn’t get to see each other as much. Welcome to adulthood! There are tons of people who work & don’t have the time for things but you know what? They make the time for things that are important to them. You have to make time. He made the time to go to the courthouse to file a petition for divorce but not the time to look for another job or try to connect with his wife. Just say you wanted out & go about your business.

  38. Moonsquad Ent says

    your job isnt a reason to get a divorce, just get a different job if it caused that much strain on your marriage

  39. Jasmin Piper says

    This makes me sad

  40. Lenita Jorge says

    So many psychologists in the comments!!! I am impressed!

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