How to POSE your friends LIKE MODELS – Beginner photo tutorials

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One of the things I struggled with most when I started photography was figuring out how to pose the people in front of my lens because when you first start out it’s difficult to find professional models to work with who know how to strike a new pose with every click of the shutter button. So, what ends up happening is you use your friends as models, but the only problem with that is…that they aren’t actually models so it’s up to you to know how to pose them. As a beginner in photography that can be quite difficult. Hopefully you’ll learn how to do that in today’s video.

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    Suggestion, i would rather watch examples or photos of things you said. For a 4:50 video there is like 10 sec of photos and all of you talking..

  2. Charles Ahweyevu says

    Ah. I see. Key is to shoot friends that already look like models.

  3. Booty Warrior says

    Can i be your friend

  4. Huie D. says

    Excellent info. Thank u

  5. HD-UPLOADER says

    Thank you this helped

  6. itsMido2 says

    Such a beautiful guy!

  7. Elliott RG says

    This video is really helpful, thank you very much 🙂

  8. I love these tips all I ever use is my friends.

  9. Joanne oforiappiah says

    So helpful !!

  10. Dex Pyran says

    Great tips. Liked and Subscribed.

  11. Smirnov Productions says

    thx a lot bro|!

  12. AtTheEnd1000 says

    This was actually really helpful? Yesterday I had a shot with my bf.. It was horrible. Didnt know what to say that would make him look good and appealing. This tutorial really helped me get a vision.

  13. Let ́sRead Marta says

    I shoot a lot with young girls and you have to comlpiment them all the time because mostly they are super insecure 🙂 Thank you so much for this great video!

  14. Ms. Green says

    Great tips!! Thanks

  15. Enrico Luzi says

    Whatever, one more video about this… ha! So much stuff packed in 4min that I hadn't thought about that i'll silently go see the video again, thanks

  16. Mikeas Toledo Jorge says

    Please take a breath, too fast

  17. Makta972 says

    Not enough photos in this video as example..

  18. Thiago Pereira says

    you should use some pictures as an example, instead of just talking at the speed of light. Hahaha

  19. Simple Frankie says

    How do I find a model? I just moved from my hometown to a new state I dont have any friends

  20. Juan Quispe says

    Step 1:
    Replace your friends with models

  21. Jacqueline Montgomery says

    You talk so fast, I love it. Straight to the point 🙂

  22. Adrian Uesugui says

    The most solid posing/directing tips i've been given. Thanks so much man.

  23. Mike Lunc. says

    Awkward hands!! Amen to that man.. Great tips! Love it!

  24. finch0seven says

    Great video right to the point, perhaps next time you could use some photos as actual examples of what you're saying 👌

  25. Maximilian Mende says

    dude you need more broll!!!

  26. Guadalupe Hernandez says

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom <3

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