1. tamizhan vijay says

    fine bro ur video is quiet understanding in tamil and it is easy to work it..
    hatsoff for ur video..

  2. vigneshwaran R says

    thank you bro

  3. Blessin Chan says

    Hlo bro speeking loudly

  4. Clive Raja says

    Anna inga entha Oru na

  5. DAWIZ says

    Before : Dark mode ON
    After : Dark mode OFF

  6. Vikram Vel says

    Bro photo editing app enna nu sollunga apram epdi laptop la download pandradhu nu sollunga ..plzzz bro

  7. Rex tamil Rex tamil says

    Windows 8 la support akuma

  8. Rex tamil Rex tamil says

    bro your windows 8 ta

  9. Vijay Kumar says

    Super bro

  10. S.Ritheesh Creations says

    Bro i need editing please whats app number kudunga please

  11. RebeccaReshma KR says

    Anna plz reply my msg on tiktok

  12. md Marzuqdeen says

    Bro mobile. Photo editor painnamudeyathan bro

  13. prakash ruchi says

    bro can u editz my pic

  14. TAMIL REVIEW says


  15. Çhøçø Bøÿ says

    Anna Photoshop cc crack link poda mudiuma

  16. Aruneesh live podran da says

    Background changingum sethu solirklam

  17. Suresh Kumar says

    Anna tell that pimple will sure go aa anna tell me pls a give a reply ok thanka

  18. PrDp Bohra says

    What is the software to record the screen that you are using

  19. PrDp Bohra says

    vry nice

  20. Bose Msd says

    bro idhey mathiri smart phn la pandra mathiri video podunga bro

  21. Madava Prasanth says

    Hats off bro for your video in tamil

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