1. Marie Katherine says

    Two of my cousins would have graduated in 1950 if they hadn't needed to go to work to support their families. This is interesting, but shows a well-to-do, WASP area. It would be interesting to see a working class community from the same year.

  2. skyy2 says

    Hey I went this school !!

  3. MEs61 says

    Winnetka Il is a very affluent area. Mostly these kids will grow up to be hippies. Left wing to conservative democrats.

  4. burymedeep 2093 says

    Those days are long long gone and not coming back. Now its mumble rap, heroin, and lbgt!

  5. 6omega2 says

    I presume this must have been around graduation time.  Very poignant to look at the pictures of them signing each other's yearbooks.  Probably saying goodbye to one another before heading off into that big world out there.  For many, maybe the last time they would ever see each other.  Kind of sad.

  6. Gordon Reiher says

    Rich kids!

  7. 6omega2 says

    Looks like a couple guys are making out there, on the left at 1:46.  LOL!

  8. Thistledove says

    Just imagine, there great grand kids are in highschool now.

  9. 390merc 66 says

    those poor kids…no tattoo's ,,no cell phones…no megadeath t-shirts ..no nose rings ,,no pink hair..and the other half of their heads shaved…no mcdonalds…no meth….and probably drank milk with every meal at home..and most were active unlike the phone zombies we have today….i say it again..those poor kids back then ,,,

  10. scottbaino says

    Thank you for this. It's so amazing seeing color photographs pre 1965. Those kids are in their 80s now!

  11. Julian Neale says

    I'm not sure how genuine this is, I m mean at 1:27 is that a Galaxy Tab a in the grass?

  12. gpholtz says

    Wonderful times!!!!!

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