1. carlosrondonfilms says

    Nice tutorial, the model looks like a living doll!

  2. Weekender says

    Great info here. Thanks for sharing, Lindsay. Your work are amazing!

  3. Akshay Kalkeri says

    ma' am if we are beginner and just starting boudoir photography then how to get client for first photo-shoot or we have to hire model for boudoir photo-shoot for our portfolio collection

  4. Minh Truong says

    Excellent ! I am a painter working mainly with nude models, and I learn a lot from your advice regarding posture and lighting. Thank you.

  5. donzi32 Boats says

    As always, another amazing session on lighting an posing. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  6. Buddhaditya Padhi says

    Nice Lindsay!! but the details are missing!!! like how much power do you use in the speedlights and how much of editing you did in the shots shown and so on…

  7. Erika O. says

    Budoir. Except minus a bedroom …

  8. Sebastian Ibanez says

    Beautiful. Thanx !

  9. Scott Night79 says

    Beautiful video thank you Lindsay

  10. workwillfreeyou says

    Very beautiful model!

  11. David Samaniego says

    Great video, thank you for posting !

  12. staf saghiri says

    beautiful curves

  13. Courtland Dastyck says

    So unless you have a back drop this method might not be as effective?

  14. dmd1227 says

    Can you explain this depth of field preview to simulate modeling light trick, please? Is it a feature of that camera body? Something that you set up? Is it likely possible with any body after figuring out setup? Is it a feature of that trigger if so what trigger is it? Seemed like a nice little trick so I'd love to learn how to do it. Thanks

  15. Eddydryzy m says

    what settings do you use on your camera

  16. photomedium says

    Ok I get it.. its a Rogue commercial…

  17. Robert Perry REPphotos says

    First off I love you work and I have a very similar set of equipment so I am anxious to try this technique out. Can you tell me approximately how far is the model from the back drop?

  18. Troll Of Justice says

    Did you say curves during this video?

  19. imeFulO 49ersClub says

    What f/? Stop and TV values were used to create the dark background?
    f/10 with 1/250"?

  20. albertr915 says

    Amazing video and photography tips.

  21. sebjean7793 says


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