Wedding Photography Tips in Natural Light

21 17

Wedding photography tips for photography in natural light. Day 11 of 30!
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  1. Aljay Ceguerra says

    are you using backfocus? 0:45 secs

  2. T L says

    tayor do you use a light meter to read the light when you photograph? or is it by your intuition?

  3. Tim Nguyen says

    Great tips on how to find light

  4. pugintensus says

    A Just want you be better some more pictures and not speak much nuevo

  5. Chris Kotsopoulos says

    Another amazing video. You rock, Taylor! I don't believe in God, but God bless you anyways.

  6. Noel Del Pilar says

    Restroom light is good if you shoot for B&W!

  7. Michelle Cox Photography says

    Great tips here, as always!!

  8. Singh. H says

    Hey Taylor ! which metering mode you use during weddings with manual settings…? Thanks !

  9. joel cleare says

    That’s really good advice. Thanks for the great content 👍🏽

  10. Liam Harrison says

    Thank you for another grate video keep up the good work

  11. Erica says

    Love your videos. Very helpful.

  12. ACID SNOW says

    these are some real great tips and tricks!
    lovely stuff thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights with us
    loved watching this

  13. Kathy Simindinger says

    Your videos are the sooooo helpful!

  14. Image 31 Photography says

    The tip about selfie mode on your phone is a cool one 🙂 Great video.

  15. Justin Berke says

    I wish I saw this video five years ago. This is an absolutely clutch series, even for non-pros.

  16. Teens Dabba Photography says


  17. Luke James says

    Great info thanks!

  18. supespawn22 says

    Great info! I’m doing my first wedding in the fall of 2019, and your videos are super helpful!

  19. yury shanshin says

    Пацан к успеху идёт! Могете!

  20. Fathering Podcast says

    as always, great info. please keep pumping these videos out. so good.

  21. Jamie Burgoyne says


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