1. Aaron Fowler says

    1:27 We're being invaded by aliens

  2. wannacboi says

    1:27 to 1:34 looks like shooting stars coming in for more energy.

  3. Brian Janiszewski says

    Absolutely beautiful

  4. Willie Young says


  5. TheZone1007 says

    amazing. but would appreciate a higher quality 🙂

  6. 85wex says

    what city is this?

  7. Captain Who says

    You could use a better cam

  8. nolan says

    this is fucking magical.

  9. spikew10 says

    like Koyaanisqutsi, or however its spelt

  10. Ryan says

    How do you change the settings from day to night ?(:

  11. MrAkihiros says


  12. bymac3 says

    wowww! the planes on the night sky are amazing! Did you use this intervalometer:
    These guys have an infrared remote time-lapse device for every major brand of cameras: tempus.bymac.org

    Ahhh.. your cameras does not support infrared?
    what about a mechanical intervalometer that straps to your camera and physically presses the button for you? : tempusall.bymac.org

    Looks like some cool ideas.

  13. ALKUKES says

    at 1.15 ambulance went by

  14. LoLoadventures says

    the airport ones looks like a bunch of ufo's landing then taking off

  15. Sean Uddin says

    is this one long video or camera shots taken one after another??

  16. ross ramsey says

    Very Cool. I recognize the Gattaca soundtrack in there. Nice choice.

  17. Edward Aites says

    Compelling video, good choice of soundtrack too – It's fun to see so many clips from different places together. I kind of specialize in my own city, Seatle –

  18. nolan says

    what if someone stole the camera when you left it there. lol

  19. theone2225 says

    @ilikeblondie Michael Nyman-The Departure, it's from the Movie Gattaca

  20. bca922 says

    i love the video whats the music as well? i love it too 🙂

  21. iPouss says

    angels comes from God ! Wow !!

  22. Phil Kirk says

    Absolutely fantastic, i could watch the planes landing for hours

  23. Kevin says

    what was the shutter speed you were using at the airport shot? great video

  24. Ian Creitz says

    katekochetkova is correct it is the main theme song from the movie Gattaca. It is called "The Departure" by Ksenia Bashmet. It can be found in the Michael Nyman: Piano Collection right on amazon digital download or itunes.

  25. TheSilvercitysurfer says

    Talented! Love the airplanes coming in!

  26. Matt Flynn says


  27. Joshua Radoes says

    Its actualy all set in L.A.

  28. Manuel E says

    Beautiful !

  29. eklmn1026 says


  30. Chacha5678 says

    lmao @ that 1 messed up light

  31. oOPaintboyOo says

    how does time lapse photography work??

  32. A Prado says

    These are awsome. Your video inspired me to try my own: check "time lapse experiment #19", "time lapse experiment #21" or "aprado17". Cheers!

  33. anna kern says

    its so calming (:
    love it

  34. Lettuce Cook says

    anyone have a name for this song? its gorgeous

  35. minus5m says


  36. teentitans0789 says

    beautiful 5*

  37. rolandsquare says

    Wow, the airport was amazing!

  38. Anseles says

    Each clip is a long video fast forwarded a lot.

  39. nolan says

    really cool

  40. humanidt says

    0:30 to 0:37 you can see the elevators in the building moving

  41. Kareful says

    this proves how much of a beautiful world we live in

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