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Julius Studio – Photo Studio Kit Review

Review of the budget friendly Julius Studio - Photo Studio Kit ( It comes with a backdrop stand, three backdrops, four light stands with diffusers, light bulbs, and a carrying case. It was easy to setup in under a half an hour. I would…

Home Photo Studio Lighting Kits

You can set up home photo studio lighting kits in a surprisingly small space so it's probably a lot less of an upheaval that you might imagine. Maybe move a bit of furniture out the way and you're ready for portraits, still lifes and…

Cheap DIY Studio Light Reflector

I needed a way to direct the light from my studio lights a little better so I came up with a cheap and easy solution using a plastic bowl and foil tape.Foil tape via Amazon: Bulb holder with umbrella mount via Amazon:

LS Photo Pro Studio Lighting Unboxing

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!Purchase it here -Be a Professional Photographer 16" * 16" * 16" Cube (inch) Ideal for eBay Seller & Home or Office Easy to set up 1 x High Quality Photo Studio Light Box Made of High Quality Fabric Softens…

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