NFL ROBERT GRIFFIN III : Marries College Girlfriend – WEDDING PICS (7/6/13)

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NFL’S Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III got married to his college girlfriend, Rebecca Liddicoat, in Denver on Saturday, July 6, 2013.

Redskins fan gets hand-written thank you note from Robert Griffin III after buying wedding gift for quarterback. Singer Keith Elgin even sent the couple a present.

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Attendees and tweets, plus many more:
– Renowned radio personality Rock Newman (photo credit)
– Ike Williams
– Chris Chester
– Baylor Coach, Art Briles
– Redskins Coach, Mike Shanahan


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Robert Griffin III wedding
Robert Griffin III wedding
Robert Griffin III wedding
Robert Griffin III wedding

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  1. Unknown says

    No black love here.

  2. William Murray says

    i hope he does an OJ razor nick on her tarpaper swallowing throat !

  3. Da_Fonz says

    That's one ugly dude! But when you have money….

  4. Sandra Richardson says

    Black. Men. need. To. Wake up
    White women. Only. Want. Your. Money. I wouldn't. Marry Robert. Griffin for. all. in. the.
    world. He. is very. ugly. Black. Women. are. stronger than. That.
    How do. You. feel. having. Children. that. don't. want. anyone
    To. Know. That. You. are. Their.
    father. I am. dating. a caucasian
    gentleman. now, he. Wants. To.
    get. married. i. don't., not. because
    he's. White. I have. Been. Watching. Him when. we. are.
    around. black men. they. are

  5. brianmichaelh23 says

    YouTube comment section..where cowardly closet racists and Internet warriors can spread their wings

  6. shimmer burnett says

    @Unimatrix28 bitch please

  7. BeatsbyZay says

    She gon take all his money like any other white woman and athletes

  8. AdoptABlackCat says

    Good for him. I hope they stay married for more than 4 yrs

  9. ImperfectYT says

    Congrats RG3

  10. Fireboy1819 says

    tis nigga sounds like he's on drugs

  11. Ashley Stewart says

    Congrats….how sweet.

  12. Rebecca Smith says

    I hope they are hapy as hubby and me. 34 years and counting!

  13. deepdarkcocoa says

    Aww congrats

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