Unique High School Senior Photo shoot

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No more boring senior portraits! Seniors are looking for something different.

This week we work with our friend Jenifer Rapoza and the Senior Model Network. Join us as we shoot photos with 7 senior high school models who are representing the class of 2018!

We realize that photographers come in all skill levels but we all have the desire to better our skills. Our goal is to provide the best learning environment for every skill level. We do this by offering the most unique opportunities available today. Whether you are looking to start learning the basics of your camera or the most advanced techniques we have you covered. From wedding photography workshops, lighting workshops, senior portrait workshops all the way to drone photography. If it has to do with photography, we do it.

  1. Clifford Manthey says

    What model camera do you use? Thanks, Cliff

  2. Mark Behrens says

    So fun!

  3. Sandra Smith says

    This is awesome! Thank you for coming to work with us, it was so much fun!

  4. Jennifer Rapoza says

    I love this so much! A fabulous experience that we'll never forget! Thank you Chopstick Guys!

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