1. essvee86 says

    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was before either of the two. Daguerre was working with him before he died.

  2. Des Gahan says

    The Pencil of Nature: Original Photographs: History of Photography
    Authored by William Henry Fox Talbot

  3. chairchalk says

    well chosen words

  4. Angel-Rose Carling says

    So interesting & Educational!

  5. CasedImage says

    The scientific convention of the day was first to announce, first invented. Talbot's negative/positive process (as opposed to his original one) relied on the development of the latent image which he got from reading the patent of Daguerreotype in England. So obvious bias aside Talbot was not the inventor photography, Daguerre was.

  6. restockfoul says


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