Wedding Photography Tutorial – How To Shoot A Send Off

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Wedding Photography Tutorial – How To Shoot A Sparkler Send Off

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———Cameras Used To Shoot This Video——-

Sony Alpha A7RII


Zeiss 35mm f2.8


Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

———-Microphone and Audio——-

Rode VideoMic

———- Lighting ———–

This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a Macbook.

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About this video:
In this video Omar Eltakrori does a Wedding Photography Tutorial on How To Shoot A Sparkler Send Off and how to shoot sparklers photography video. I also break down how to shoot sparkler for when you use sparklers for wedding and sparklers wedding pictures. People love wedding photography tips and Omar Etlakrori also shows editing wedding picture. This video is also considered a wedding photography behind the scenes video that includes tips for wedding photography and lighting tips for wedding photography. This video will help wedding photography for beginners because wedding send off ideas are helpful when doing a wedding send off.

  1. Omar Eltakrori says

    Is it cool with you that I shot this driving?

  2. Gea Isplash Photography says

    Thanks for the great tip! Truly appreciated 🙏🏻🎉📸

  3. Aaron Rondale says

    Omar! Dude this video was so helpful! I appreciate your transparency homie!

  4. CAJ Photography says

    Great tips, Omar. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Maria Calderon says

    Thank you so much for your tips

  6. Andrea Candell says

    I have a question. My camera needs a flash to shoot at night ( I tried to shoot Christmas lights and all the decoration) but I wanted it without flash and when I shoot it it takes soooo long to take the picture so the light is all spread and the picture is like moved. What can I do to make it shoot faster at night??

  7. rda Hnamte says

    poor skill

  8. Tenton Mosley says

    That was my biggest mistake when I first started out! Using a flash during this part of the wedding and it turned out just like yours did. Got me a Sony A7riii and ditched the flash and it changed everything! Great advice sir!

  9. Juan Diez says

    Great video with valuable information!! Thanks!!!

  10. Nancy Lempesis says

    1. so helpful 2. yes ive messed up the sparkler exit 3. so you never shoot the sparkler exit with flash, did i hear that right? because flash totally screwed up my exit lately, it didnt fire when it should have and then fired at the wrong time – UGH i hate flash sometimes – i have a wedding this weekend with another sparkler exit and if i'm hearing you right, i should NOT use flash.

  11. Vadim K says

    1/40th will not work, you might minimize your hand shaking but since the couple is moving you need at least 1/160

  12. Karolina Lym says

    You are dope!

  13. Lil Joey says

    How many presets come in your set?

  14. Gary knight says

    The phone tip was a nice one.

  15. Jeffrey Smallwood says

    Yo what up man nice meeting you today. Hitting that bell

  16. Jace McDaniels says

    Hey I think you are an amazing dude! I have been watching your video while at work 🤫 An you are the truth. I’m a photographer beginning to make money off of my hobby and you are very informative. I Appreciate You….Keep Doing Your Thang

  17. JLuvAsM says

    Great video! I was wondering, what lens do you use to take the shots? 35mm?

  18. Alyssa Tsuchiya says

    Thanks for sharing! I did shoot a send off with no flash on my d750 (iso 10000, f2.8, 1/200 sec) and there is a lot of noise in the photos. I’m thinking maybe the sparklers weren’t as close to the couple as they needed to be. Would that be the case?

  19. Ciara Feltham says

    You're seriously amazing and, hands down, my fav photog/youtube photog. I don't understand how you don't have a million followers yet! lol I'm very sure that'll come soon, though <3 Thank you so much for all your videos.

  20. John Paul Dugyon says

    Great vid bro!

  21. HI There says

    This helped so much!! I’m shooting my first wedding soon & it’s exactly what I needed!! Quick question—if I’m using a prime lens/1.8, 55mm, how would I be able to focus on the couple properly? Even w/ auto focus my lens takes a hot minute to focus on the subject’s eyes at an f stop like that. With the couple moving I’d have to stand super far away and in the dark I’d definitely not be able to focus on them as much as I’d like. Thanks again!!!


    Hellz Yahh !! Love em tips broo !! Keep em coming 😀

  23. jaerojo says

    Dope vid Omar. I’ve shot most of mine with a flash and they’ve turned out good. But I’m going to try out your no flash tip at tomorrow’s wedding and see if I can get a more natural look. Thanks for the tip dude!

  24. Jessica Parsons says

    I'm glad the one couple wasnt upset with you for using flash lol. Great video! Love the phone light tip! ❤

  25. secure808 says

    This was an awesome tip and candid story! Thank you for sharing! Going out of your way to bring these to us is really appreciated! Keep em coming!

  26. Heather Torres says

    Great video! So much value in this!! 🙂 Congrats!

  27. Think Media says

    Great video — thanks Omar! 🙏🏻💯

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