Making a Photo Album from Wood

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Building an Oak Family Photo Album for my Father.

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  1. craig56425 says

    Nice build !

  2. Joshua Brickey says

    Where did you get your hinges

  3. George Vazquez says

    What did you specifically used to keep the sheets in place ?

  4. Jono Rezzillo says

    Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. Jack.styles Wigetta77 says

    what measures are

  6. Muneer Babu says


  7. Daniel Dumbarton says

    Nice, what a present to give.

  8. Machaela Jackson says

    how much would one of these be?

  9. Active Dino says

    really want to attempt to recreate, any reason u decided to join via biscuits vs 1 solid piece? would 1 piece warp? also what type of wood did you go with? thx very much

  10. Active Dino says

    where can i find hinges like that? I've searched home depot & lowes w/zero luck. Is there a specific name for that type of hinge? thx!

  11. Hector Santiago says

    Quick question I see that you use posts to hold the sheets in. Could this idea be modified to glue sheets of paper together. What I mean is that I have sheets from a book that I have printed. I will straighten these out then glue together as a binding. Would I simply cut the "spine" to the same width as the paper in order to attach the "spine" to the wood to then use hinges to hold the cover?

  12. Matt I says

    Do you have a cut list for these

  13. Felicia Moniq says

    Yesssss!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🎵

  14. Howard Springsteen says

    Nice job on this. Like the production on the video

  15. John Gragg says

    i wish i had seen this video last week! this just got put to the top of my wood working list!

  16. Matthew Cremona says

    That was just so awesome!

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