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Antiques on Hwy 48:

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  1. Peter McKinnon says

    Sorry for the false alarm! Uploaded the wrong video first LOL whoops! PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY is one of my favourite things to do and how I first started earning from this passion! Who's headed to an antique shop?!?

  2. Triverse Media says

    i tried command w for the first time

  3. Tejas Setlur says

    12:19 " I just Logan Paul'd you guys "

  4. Chandal Taylor says

    Always good and useful content.

  5. Majid Ruben Haradji says

    this is one of my favorite videos you made. like every content of it and it inspired me.

  6. Northwoods Murphy says

    Can we please talk about the rubix cube in the vial!? 🀯

  7. Omar KA says

    is product photography enough to earn money for your life costs ?

  8. SoundScuba says

    I love your videos. Im learning so much. keep em coming Peter!

  9. Robert McClellan says

    The Art of Photography is a great channel as well, it’s awesome that you guys are interacting!

  10. Leta Nesterenko says

    This is going to save my product photography job) Muchos gracias for inspiration and mood

  11. silbay says

    A Voigtlander camera, wow still have one of them and still takes excellent 120 photos.

  12. Jadyn Harter says

    Using this video for help and inspiration for my first photography midterm…. Bless!!

  13. David Deacon says

    Pretty sure I've been to that Antique store!

  14. Melissa Goetz says

    That was mind blowing and I totally will start doing that to my product photos! You rock!

  15. Austin A. says

    I don't think I've ever seen a personality more suited for YouTube and bringing excitement to a video. Well done.

  16. Michael Phillips says

    Just started watching/enjoying your channel. However, I put your intro on .75 speed until you calm down a bit. The antique shop visit and props were interesting.

  17. Nathan Alagappan says

    he must have spent so much time and hard work on this video thats why he was sure it was over 45 minutes long but in the end he cut it down to the basic concept and kept it short and concise thanks!!

  18. adefalohun says

    12:18 Pronoun game… Who is he?

  19. Warren Freeman says

    Awesome video,… thanks so much for posting these. I get better everyday watching your videos.

  20. Warren Freeman says

    Awesome video,… thanks so much for posting these. I get better everyday watching your videos.

  21. A Lass In Wanderland says

    hay I make a living doing this now so THANKS for this
    In under a YEAR

    You and some Creators turned my life around

  22. mark fisher says


  23. jean Ho says

    Inspired! Lets go !

  24. Carsin James says

    Peter, Thank you for creating these videos. They are incredibly useful! You have helped me a lot in my own photography. So, thank you man!

  25. clipping image expert says

    Beautiful video……
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  26. The_Howler says

    This is literally my jam! I love doing these types of shots for our clients, their basic thing is Indian wear and there is so much you can do in terms of either full shots or flat lays or showing design detail, or fabric detail or embroidery, so many elements to focus on in just one garment is so fascinating. Would like to see a part 2 of this which includes photographing clothes.

  27. Strength and Grace Movement says

    Love the longer vids! Would it still look that good using a less expensive camera like an 80D? Is it more or less about the post color grading?

  28. Rohit Bafna says

    Brother you are always inspiring πŸ™‚

  29. Walter Dern says

    I'd love to know how you'd deal with something that has its own light source. What if that camera was a mobile and you wanted to catch the image on the screen as well?

  30. Photo S. T. says

    Hey interesting video! Me being a person who is currently studying Photography… I've got a question relating to this type of composition, would you put this in the "Cohesion" category?

  31. Mayank Kumar says

    You have a kid?
    Hoe old are you

  32. rotemiko333 says

    Love this video! You've got the best vibe going on!!! Basically all your videos are perfect πŸ‘

  33. Yash Salunke says

    I logan pauled you !!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  34. Hailee Phillips says

    This is so so cool! Good info and wicked finished product!

  35. GVOLVE says

    12:20 I understood that reference 😏

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