Pen and ink watercolor portraits using Corel Painter – Photo Art

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Painter Master Elite Nomi Wagner steps you through her unique process for transforming photos into works of art during this 30 min. live presentation.

  1. Victor Salome says

    What is this gorgeous girl in the picture name please?

  2. Whole Witt says

    Painter is a tool, a very good one, but the creativity is still with you.  Jeremy Sutton addresses this and says it is not cheating.  Artists have been using tools forever and we would not have tall buildings if we still used stone axes.

  3. Whole Witt says

    Beautiful portrait, thanks for the webinar.  Painter 2018 is very stable and is out now.

  4. Bailey Seven says

    thank you for this tutorial…. everyone I watch helps me in understanding the process ….again thanks!

  5. Tommy Ohlrich says

    Painter and my tablet really helped me with the risk taking aspect of being an artist. You learn the most from your 'failures' in art, which aren't really failures, because as long as you understand your process you have succeeded. I was so obsessed with needing my sketchbooks to be perfect. So I was afraid to take risks and try new things. But with painter you can always go backwards, you can always erase. You can always save and go back. It's wonderful.

  6. Spencer Jarvis says

    Thank you.

  7. Spencer Jarvis says

    I would love the brushes also. Love the portrait but for me the hair needs to be darker, thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Ken LaPlante says

    Nice work Nomi! Love how this turned out. cannot wait to try it!

  9. Nomi Wagner says

    Thank you for your kind comments. I am working on making the pdf, brushes, and some bonus material available to everyone and will let you know. Nomi

  10. xFishe says

    It'd be awesome and appreciated if there is a link to Nomi's brushes or pdf that would be offered 🙂

  11. Janet Garcia says

    the end result is gorgeous but it was disappointing that you didn't paint it on the webinar and it was more of a slide show presentation.

  12. Miley onDisney says

    That is a GORGEOUS painting! I can't wait to try this technique. You handled this presentation very well. That's a LOT of info to cram into just 30 minutes! I learned many new ideas and techniques. Thank you!

  13. Tana's Art says

    Is there a link to the customized brushes Nomi said would be offered?

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