Introduction to “New School” School Photography, 1 of 5

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Why should you consider school photography, especially if you’re not already a school photographer? Renowned school photographer and educator Neal Freed is living proof that, contrary to popular belief, school photography can be incredibly enjoyable and very profitable if you take a different approach. Neal will share his story about how he got into school photography, how it changed his business for the better, and how it can change yours too. Part 1 of 5 in the “Don’t Kick it Old School” webinar series. July 7, 2016.

  1. Rianah L says

    One day I'll be just as good as you guys .. I know I will 👌 and I did it it'll be because of you ❤️💐 thank you ..

  2. Swicago says

    Thank You Guys for this amazing Video. Exactly the thinking I have going into this. My kids School… after years of going with the big companies…now ask me to do it next year. I never have ordered the school pictures because they are horrible. The parents are never really happy. So the school has asked me. Just love it! I love working with kids <3 I have the passion for creativity and working with the kids. Now I have to come up my work flow.

  3. Ted Brengel says

    I never took school pictures, but a local school HATES what they are getting now and wants me to take over. This seems to be the golden path.

  4. Marnie Berglund Ludwig says

    I want to do this so bad. I hate my kids photos never buy

  5. Philip Burke says

    Excellent presentation. Thank you.

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