Wedding Photography – Full Wedding #2 Behind The Scenes

29 20

Second full wedding day!
5 exclusive behind the scenes wedding day videos:

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My usual wedding day gear list (today I was using the 50mm, which is not typical):
Main Body:
Second Body:
Wide lens:
Alt wide lens:
Portrait lens:
Ceremony lens:
SD Memory cards:

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  1. Taylor Jackson says

    5 exclusive behind the scenes wedding day videos:

  2. Love all . I am going to wear bowtie from now on during my wedding photoshoot 🙂

  3. Tido Filmcorp says

    Any tips on shooting Film instead of digital?

  4. S Tra says

    I just bought a Polaroid and I want to shoot weddings. Is it possible to get professional shots on a Polaroid? I’m thinking of charging $6000 per wedding. I know it’s a bit much, but the reason I would charge more than other photographers is because the customer gets the convenience of having the pictures right away, as soon as the photo comes out of the Polaroid. I think that would be a good selling point and a good reason why I can charge more. Also, Polaroid film is pretty expensive. It’s not like those digital cameras where taking a photo doesn’t cost you anything.

  5. Adrian Lewis says

    can I ask what focus mode you use for shots that require tracking. All points, single point etc

  6. Dusty Medler says

    Man this was a killer walk through! Thank you!

  7. boo u says

    what cameras did you use, 2000 iso? wow

  8. andrew amacher says

    That's a noisy shutter, glad switched to Sony A9 salient mode and face and eye tracking is fantastic

  9. Raquel Hamner says

    I have a 50mm 1.8 and I love it, I can't imagine anyone saying poor things about it

  10. Ajala Kings says

    Absolute mad lad 😎

  11. Doug Owens says

    Great work thank you

  12. Саят Қалдаров says


  13. Kauchas Digital Solution says


  14. Latrice Fox says

    How do you know how many off camera flashes would be needed for a room when no pictures are available? Also how do you use more than one at a time?

  15. Kimberly Bell says

    What kind of flash set up and equipment were you using for first dance? I need a resolution for my poorly lit receptions during this time of wedding.

  16. First of all, amazing videos!!! Seriously, I've learned so much from you!! Question: At the "blue hour" When you have your bride and groom in the arch way outside, what direction are you aiming your OCF?! Looks difficult because of it just being columns and not a solid wall? Thanks in advance 🙂 !!!! Keep up the great work!!

  17. Joy Lynn Reda says

    Shooting at different parts of the day is amazing. I definitely need to buy a Pocket wizard. When your next classes? Thanks

  18. John Winters says

    Lemme just get my light out of my benz…

  19. Geraint Hughes says

    GREAT WORK AND GREAT VIDEO…..iwth the very last shot in the arch , what camera settings would you of been on at this point, iso , shutter ect?

  20. 501CLAYDOG says

    doing a family wedding in march this was a great help

  21. Nhạc trẻ mới nhất says

    hi from Vietnam. thank for sharing.

  22. Jon Wagstaff says

    Hi , any particular reason why you don't use flash..?

  23. Breno Moreira says

    Do you use ai servo or one shot?

  24. KodjoEdem says

    Taylor did you buy your AMG out of earning from Photography?

  25. GordosFotos says

    Love the behind the scenes look.

  26. Light and Ignite Photography says

    I might have missed it but could you explain why you don't shoot with TTL? Thanks 🙂

  27. Stefan Vasilev says

    I love these BTS/tutorial type videos, absolutely priceless!

    Just one little funny thing… In the intro every time the music starts I am expecting to hear "Chase Jarviiiiiiiiiiis" LOL Not saying anything, I guess from just being exposed more to his intro before yours…

    Love your content though! Cheers from Bulgaria!

  28. Jocelyne Vautour says

    New subscriber, here!!! So happy I found you, amazing photography and great video 😀

    I notice you shoot a lot with natural light! I love it! At what point do you switch to flash? Are there specific circumstances that you will not shoot with natural/available light?
    I am sure that as I watch more and more of your videos I'll get a better sense of your shooting style and how you approach different shooting situations 😀

  29. Check_sam_out says

    Gaining that healthy weight from that traveling I see buddy lol. Keep up the amazing work

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