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Talking about the importance of photo albums and the memories within them.

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Photo album from Paperchase (similar) |
Transparent photo corners |
Black photo corners |
Silver pen |

Camera: Canon 700D |
Lens: Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens |
(Sometimes I use the 50mm f/1.8 Lens |
Microphone: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder DM-5 |
Vlogging camera: Sony RX100 |
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X

‘There’s Probably No Time’ by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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  1. Tina Borah says

    i want this black dairy

  2. Frank Lawler says

    What a lovely video Alice, Thank you for sharing.

  3. Craig Burnett says

    You have the most beautiful, lyrical, expressive voice. Outstanding, beautiful work.

  4. Tito Suth says

    This so beautiful

  5. How do u print pics in this size ?
    I never get those option in a foto store. (Have no printer at Home)

  6. Human Evolution says

    Amazing album! I will now copy you thanks to your links. Xmas gifts will be very special this year, thanks to my imagination and yours.

  7. Glitzalicious by Eve Sparkle says

    💜💚💜💙💜 Wow, this was really touching Alice. I wish your Grandmother well. You've told a complete story here, but without an ending of course. You inspire me. 💜💚💜💙💜

  8. james keats says

    I lost my mum on the 23rd of july this year after a very short battle with cancer, whilst she was in hospital I feel she went into a state of delirium, so I brought her a picture frame into hospital with a picture of her and me and my dad and managed to bodge photo's of me and my partner and our family cat……to which she instantly smiled and told me who was in the photographs.if it was not for photography I would not have ben able to see my mum smile like she used to.great video keep up the good work

  9. Lynsey Mac says

    Beautiful as always. I know I don't take nearly enough photographs these days, this has definitely inspired me to sort that out!! x

  10. Alexzandra Andersson says

    This video are really beautiful and relaxing. It makes me want to make a photo album of my own!

  11. Becky Wells says

    This video has inspired me to make my owe photo album thank you Alice 😀 xx

  12. Hope2NoU95 says

    Thank you Alice for sharing such a beautiful creation and telling us about your grandmother. I enjoy every video I watch that you make. Your voice is so relaxing and sweet.

  13. Farah Asif says

    I think it's sooo utterly beautiful the way you document things and your videos inspire me so much! You're amazing Hun, keep doing what you do! And trust in it and yourself that you are amazing ❤️❤️

  14. SeeKaysee says

    I really need to print out my photos more often. Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for sharing your Grandmother's story. <3

  15. Sage Thyme says

    Wow, beautiful video! I feel like photo albums have been going out of style since we've started posting photos online, which is a shame, really, because Facebook or Instagram will never quite rival a well thought out, physical album that can be kept in a family for decades. This was quite inspiring. Maybe I'll get around to assembling some photo albums soon as well.

  16. Katie McCamley says

    This video was so so beautiful and has really really helped me. So much so i have decided to go out and get myself a photo album. I was also wondering where you go your sticky labels from xx

  17. Kara Nicole says

    Awesome video! 🙂 Love this so much! xo

  18. Utter Ardour says

    Love this Alice! I've never made a photo album before or even thought about documenting my life like this. Looks like a fun thing to do! I love the meaning you have behind it too, I hope you always have a reason to smile. You deserve to xo <3

  19. Hannah Schroder says

    So amazing as always Alice! Your pictures are incredible and you truly know how to capture a moment in an image <3

  20. UnbelievablyHuman says

    ALICE!!! SINCERELY you not only make me want to be a better creator but you encourage me tremendously to tell my truths and stories.

    This was beautiful! THANK YOU! Thank you for it!

  21. Beth Hurford says

    Every time – Amazing! Your videos are always so professional, it's a pleasure to watch. I loved this so much. It's so nice getting to see all of the adventures you get up to. You've got gorgeous handwriting too by the way!

  22. Line Houde animation says

    beautiful video please take more pictures

  23. epitomeOFblueberries says

    this Video is so beautiful! I watched it on full Screen and it totally took me in. It gave me chills. I also just admire how much effort you put into this photoalbum and how beautifully you arrange the photos (when I make photo Albums it's usually a total mess and all Images are the same size…. lol. Maybe I'll try different sized photos the next time.. 🙂 ).

  24. Mairead Loftus says

    This is such a lovely video, beautifully shot and very moving. I think documenting your life is such a fascinating project and I hope you keep it up, because I think you'll find that it only helps you.

    I know how upsetting it can be when someone you love is losing parts of themself, but I think it's lovely that you show photos to your grandma and how lucky she is, not only to have a granddaughter that will do that but also to have those souvenirs in the first place.

  25. Olivia Penny says

    Another beautiful video – as always!

  26. Laura Stapley says

    Just beautiful xx

  27. Linda Libra Loca says

    That touches me very deeply. Getting dementia is one of my worst fears, something I have nightmares of and something I know I have absolutely no control of. Maybe I should start photo albums? I have been meaning to a few times, but it is so much work and time, so I never got around to it. Strange, because I love the albums my parents have, filled with childhood pictures and vacation memories.

  28. Kat Horrocks says

    I love the fact like you say photos are evidence of great memories. We always block out those moments when we're in a pit of depression or even if we're just having a mildly bad day! As much as I love to be present, I think it's important to acknowledge the past and be thankful for good times 🙂 so lovely that you're showing photos to your grandma. xx

  29. veebz boo says

    What a beautiful video Alice! I really love how amazing you are at portraying emotions in your videos. Also you are doing such a lovely thing for your nan. That really resonated with me, as my great nan holds the most important place in my heart. Thank you for sharing such a meaningful video.x

  30. Rougepout Beauty says

    A work of beauty, fill those empty pages with your wonderful work, thank you for sharing your thoughts x x x

  31. BakedBeauty says

    Alice…..if you made a 2 hour long video. I would seriously grab some popcorn. Made a brew and watch it all. I love how you edit this. How you film from different angles and points and view and you voice is so calming narrating over it all. You are amazing my beautiful friend and I love your honesty and I can totally relate to everything you say xxx

  32. TheRainydayvideo says

    Bjork! you went to see Bjork!! I was supposed to see her last year but she cancelled. Beautiful video also :).

  33. Josephine Holmström says

    Everything you create is just beautiful and moving! I really like the idea of a photo album like this. I made one a few years back and really enjoyed the process, but I can really relate to the words about depression in this video. Whenever I feel a lot of anxiety and the depression is there, I just can't seem to take photos. It's such a shame 🙁

  34. Girl Behind the Red Door says

    I love this video so much Alice. I'm currently in the process of re-organising my childhood photos (in chronological order, of course) and it just solidifies how important memories and photo albums are. It saddens me that people don't take the time to make albums anymore.

  35. So artistic and talented you are…so simple, yet so grand! And please go outside and fill up those pages in your photo album. And I think that's a wonderful idea to show pictures to your grandmother. Thanks for another beautiful video!

  36. Kristen Kay says

    I really enjoyed your insight about looking back on the photos & wondering if you will see either the moment or the feeling (anxiety) you were experiencing. I have some photos where something else was going on in the background (feelings, frustrations) and I cant seem to move past those feelings when i see the picture. I do think with more and more time between the experience, the feelings seem to lessen.

  37. Crystal Joy says

    Your videos are always so visually striking and thought provoking. The part about your grandma put a lump in my throat. I love how you explained what exactly photo albums mean to you and why. I can't wait to see how you fill the rest of your pages. 🙂

  38. Brooklyn BasedBeauty says

    I really do love your videos and I hope you continue to make them for a long, long time! Thank you so much, Sandra

  39. tetsubo57 says

    Beautifully done Alice. Bravo.

    Keep looking at those happy moments and smiles until there is no room for the depression. Until the echo of sadness is muffled by the comfort of joy.

    My wife's Gram lived alone until she was ninety-six. She is now 101 and living in a full care home. She's bored a lot of the time because her vision is fading and she has a hard time reading now. She does enjoy crossword puzzles with my wife though. Humans can be remarkable. None of my grandparents are with us. Three were taken by disease and one by suicide. I make no judgments on that. It do find it interesting that his final acts were so similar to my own suicidal patterns. Those are long gone thankfully. I apologize for the somber tone.

    Always nice seeing you Alice.

  40. Kelly Michelle says

    Wonderful, as usual.  So artistic.  I'm so sorry about your Nan.  It happened to my best friend's Nan too and it was so so hard on their entire family x

  41. Smileeen says

    This was so beautiful.

  42. EJ Ghahreman says

    You are so talented at making videos. They are so refreshing and real not to mention a pleasure to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  43. Sez Francis says

    That's so awesome. You really are the most creative person in the world. 😊🙂✨⭐️

  44. Christy Mei says

    I loved this video style <3

  45. Abi says

    This turned out SO WELL (Not that I had any doubt, it's you of course). It was very emotional to watch. You did a brilliant job articulating your thoughts about the whole process. I just love how you have taken something that seems as simple as putting pictures into a book and made it mean something so much more. Gosh, you are just so talented! Get out there and make those memories!!

  46. haveyouseenten says

    This is so beautiful. Poetic words, cinematic presence…i felt soo good watching this! ps. your penmanship is beautiful!

    Im always looking forward to Fridays for your new videos <3

  47. Caitlyn Kreklewich says

    So beautiful!

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