The Essential Filters for Landscape Photography | Landscape Photography Tips

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Filters are the bread and butter of landscape photographers.

In this tutorial, landscape photographer Ross Hoddinott looks at the essential filters that every landscape lover should have in their camera bag.

Get to know when to use certain filters and, most importantly, why.

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  1. Pete Renfrow says

    Clear, concise and to the point. Good job.

  2. M.A. says

    very useful

  3. HviT uLVeR says

    Awesome, straight and clear video. My 10 out of 10.

  4. Glasshousebc says

    Superb instructional video… thank you.

  5. Today's Hike says

    cover eye-piece

  6. Douglas Nelson says

    Great video on filters. Thanks.

  7. Mike May says

    What do mean by coming out of aperture priority and into manual?

  8. Carlin Schelstraete says

    Great clear video.

  9. Sam Graham says

    Great video thanks! And love all the Cornwall shots, trebarwith photos look amazing!

  10. Jackie Connell says

    This was a fantastic tutorial on filters,Very clear explanation and results were amazing.cheers

  11. lonerunner says

    I more like the photo with solid ND filter than combined with gradual ND, but that's just my preferences. Great guide and really detailed instructions.

  12. rubentus1980 says

    Very explicative, nice video!

  13. Kevin Birchall says

    great explanation. thank you.

  14. App Dev says

    Couldn't help but wince every time salt water spray was blowing onto that 850๐Ÿค”

  15. Adam Szigeti says

    Amazing and real pro video, congrats and maximum respect!

  16. Think Tank says

    Have uv and cpl. Didn't know best for landscape, you've helped. Still need more on my 2. U did well. Thanks

  17. Alan Teece says

    Excellent and clear introduction for filters but could not find the tables for downloading promised on video

  18. Ferry 3555 says

    great info mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Tom Tucker says

    A very deliberate and precise presentation. Enjoyed the explanation of filters and their applications. The showing of the end product ( the shots) were very helpful . Thank You. San Diego

  20. r s says

    Nice video. However would be handy if a wb can be explained in bit more detail. ESP how to set WB in camera with ND filterAttached.

  21. Eugene Braack says

    Nice tutorial. Some advice – you should NEVER turn your back on the sea when standing on rocks.

  22. Avi Ambar says

    As a TV Director, I found this explanation as one of the clearest,coolest, interesting and professional one.
    Avi Ambar

  23. NOVUS_IMAGEuk says

    great video !! just what i was looking for for a filter tut

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