FX Photo Studio Pro for Mac

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FX Photo Studio Prp($39.99) for Mac is also available for $19.99(Basic) as well as iPhone and iPad.

  1. Alwen Jess Llega says

    hey Mike

    can you make an update and add additional effects on this?
    like (1.) erase one person in the picture.
    (2.) Make the picture like a drawing sketch.
    (3.) A select botton that transfer the person(s) in the picture to another place (like the moon or outer space)

    anyway, i just downloaded it and i pay for AU$20 (to me it's a high price), and I am not happy Mike.
    Please update and make your consumer happy with your product.
    Anyway, thanks (waiting for the update)


  2. thezorba10 says

    thank you Mike

  3. Austine Amah says

    $40? nah… not worth it.

  4. Michael Mckeever says

    Looks good.

  5. JohnPariahPWX says

    does this do Green Screen drag & drop? I'm really looking for something to do Green Screen PHOTOS the same way iMovie does Green Screen videos…

  6. Tech Examined says

    Great Find Michael!! Awesome overview!!

  7. Yuri Breadstick says

    Is that the match where AJ Styles murdered your neck?

  8. 1&oG says

    @omenmhw paint.NET or more complicated: GIMP

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