Reacting to HIGH SCHOOL Photos!

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I show you and Max some of the most cringy moments of my high school career, let me know in the comments what your high school “stereotype” was!


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  1. Matthew.C says

    2 of my favorite youtubers !

  2. Martin Alexander says

    Psst. Wanna know a secret??
    You were cool!
    Still are, but totally were 🙂

  3. M Good says

    That was absolutely amazing LOL LOL so fun I was smiling the whole time

  4. NearCry91 says

    I was expecting cringe, but was not prepared for this.

  5. Danny Danny says

    Clowns 😛

  6. Mirela Vasile says

    There's something off with Max's reactions, it almost seems lke he did not want to do this.

  7. ShootingAces says

    So this is the funniest video you’ve done and I think everyone can relate to it on a deep level. The mixed life of a pimp gangsta and A lady of ballet!! Lol way to own it!

  8. Cheyenne Lindemuth says

    Oh my god i love this! Yes, please do the college photos – and definitely Max should do his own version too!

  9. floop tv says

    Is she related to Courtney from smosh

  10. olivia F says

    we NEED the college photos!

  11. Lauren Stackhouse says

    This is amazing please do another one of these 😂😂 I thought I was gangster too in high school so my photos look the same lol

  12. blueribenaberry says

    She seems so chill & fun to hang with. Pretty girls that aren't afraid to get weird is one of my biggest sources of envy though, fr 👏🏾 I work damn hard to be a 5 while y'all 9s & 10s out here dressed like pumpkins & men still lookin fly AF, it's some bullshit! 😂😂

  13. ArtistinWords says

    Yes! MORE!!!!
    Omg I can relate. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. thehorizonkiss says

    You should post these on r/blunderyears

  15. Jess B says

    Yeah I took the punk skater vibe all the way in 11 & 12 grade. Before that I was an American Eagle Gap girl. So extreme. Hahaha we were such badasses weren’t we?! Lol!

  16. MaxNoSleeves says

    ya love to see it

  17. Elanna R says

    is that grill just tin foil that you stuck on your teeth

  18. CJ Benefiel says

    It's only fair we see more photos of you and some photos of Max.

  19. April Adair says

    So cute! This is actually how I would imagine you to be in high school. Fun video!

  20. Tyler Volk says

    Omg it’s 2007 again, the memories

  21. D Palmer says

    Pumpkin my ass, you were an Oompa Loompa. LOL. This was hysterical. Thanks for doing it.

  22. Courtney Johnson says

    Yaaasss college!!

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