makeup for school pictures (no flashback) ♡ glam by soph

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hey babes! hope you enjoy this tutorial, all opinions are my own i purchased this with my own money! xoxo

how to achieve a perfect cut crease:

fresh moisturizer, baby skin by maybelline, smashbox studio skin foundation, maybelline fit me concealer, tarte shape tape, , laura mercier powder, physicians formula butter bronzer, tarte pro glo palette shade sculpt, sigma corderosa, becca moonstone

BROWS: abh brow wiz, abh dip brow and abh powder in dark brown

EYES: certifeye lashes

LIPS: abh pure hollywood and buxom white russian

  1. Glam by Soph says

    pls read this b4 you comment something negative, takes more effort to hate than love.
    before i get another comment about my brows im gonna address it:
    1. my brows are even in real life the way my camera is angled makes them look uneven
    2. its fine if you dont like my brows we're all entitled to our own opinions, you are able to do your brows the way you want and i can do mine the way i please. i like my brows like this and the beauty of make up is it comes off at the end of the day and i can do my brows differently the next day if i want!!! pls leave negative comments to yourself babes, stay positive 💗

  2. Elysha says

    I have a problem where my makeup looks snatched (if I don’t say so myself) irl but when I take a photo all my face is white and I dont even use powder all over my face just under my eyes? And I know flashback looks like white powder patches not this white face that has nothing on it. Also I dont use makeup with spf and the powder I use is the top faced born this way powder. Someone please helllpp

  3. zoe nowell says

    you’re gorgeous holy crap!!😍

  4. Francheska Xo says

    You’re so beautiful and I love your videos :))

  5. Kim Ebina says

    Miso ❤😍❤😍❤😍*subscribes*…i was not expecting that song 😍

  6. Karen Ayon says

    Your sooooooo Pretty omfg 😍😍😍

  7. New Subbie! 😁

  8. Amby Castro says

    I have that same ear Headband😂

  9. Brooke Straub says

    Gurl you need to brush the haters off more because hate is never worth your time because you are beautiful and acne does not equal ugly, but hate sure does. Much love ❤️❤️

  10. Steffany Galindo says

    Hey girl what kind of setting powder would u recommend that affordable and doesn’t cause flashback?

  11. KATZ says

    where did you get your necklaces!!💗

  12. makeupbyamberrx says

    your videos are so helpful, love u so so so much💕Your so gorgeous with n without makeup, You inspire me x

  13. nejra delic says

    I am watching these videos and thinking damn when you will look like that 💗😍

  14. destiny villela says

    doing this for tomorrow's picture day!

  15. Cassandra Ruiz says

    i'm definitely trying to order the baby skin primer rn lol but love you and your youtube account ♡

  16. Kimberly Anahi says

    So helpful! What camera do you use? Ur video quality is so good

  17. Glam By Adrian says

    y'all are such haters . her eyebrows are beautiful y'all blind as shit

  18. Amira Tounekti says

    Eyebrows on fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek wow

  19. Izza Zafrin says

    love ur brows

  20. Vanessa Justina says

    I start school tomorrow 🙁 the summer went by too fast!! Love the tutorial! <3

  21. ynetsed says

    Scrolls through videos. Sees highlight is always poppin. Subscribes

  22. Jolie Denae says

    thanks for making this we have school pictures the 2nd day of school so lmao

  23. Beauty Box says

    i really love your vid's . guys like this girls channel… !!!!

  24. Dianna Alba says


  25. Jessie Villagrán says

    when i first discovered u i was like DAMN THIS GIRL PROBS HAS 1m and you had 17k and i was really confused. congrats on 20k!

  26. Z A says

    So beautiful holy shit 😍😍

  27. MadisonFranks says

    i love your videos,they help me out sm

  28. Ruby Jessica says

    Used this for my ID picture yesterday. IT looked WAYYYY better than my Freshman picture last year. Thanks, Soph <3

  29. Samantha Lee says

    I honestly feel like the Laura Mercier powder gives me flashback when I use it all over my face in flash photography 😭 does anyone else have this problem? 😐

  30. Mariah Renee says

    I wish I could rock thick eyebrows like you I'm jealous lol

  31. Yanitsa Tomova says

    You are SOOO CUTEEEE!!!!! Really underrated but you deserve way more!!! Love you😊💖💖💖💖

  32. KATIIA GOMEZ says

    Beautiful tbh !! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 plus this video helped me !

  33. BeautyOfJulez says

    I <3 this!

  34. Rachel Augustine says

    Can you please make a video on how to cover up pimples because I am also acne prone. I love your videos!!!!❤️😍

  35. JV says

    Why are girls doing their eyebrows like this?! Not a big fan of your brows.

  36. Tasneem says

    Hi!! Is there any drugstore powders that are good and no flashback? Thank you!

  37. Claudia Johnson says

    Yashhhhh💕 so cuteee

  38. Mariah Perales says

    Please do this but a drugstore version that would help out cuz I'm broke lol this video is great btw😊 😂😊

  39. sz ashley says

    just found your channel & im in luv

  40. Besha English says

    New subscribers 😊

  41. Georgina Barrientos says

    Omg I love how you explain everything. Like I learned hella makeup tips from you. Thank you 💛

  42. Anyla Gray says

    Hi beautiful❤

  43. Shelby Brookes says

    This is stunning. Love watching your videos!! So talented 😍😍👏💯🔥

  44. Aliyah Hussain says

    What was the name of the morphe brush you used for concealer/foundation? x

  45. Rochelle says

    You're so fly girl!

  46. ItsLitMood says

    This cute ❤️

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