How to Make Photo Studio For Professional Product Photography at Home

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Today I will show you how to make a 12 Volt Mini Photo Studio Light Box for professional photography at home. You can Use Photo Studio for photography lightbox to help you to shoot high quality images its super bright LED lights provide ideal light for your product photography. It’s easy to carry and very light weight and ideal for shoot small product photographs. It’s cheap and easy to make at home with the help of this tutorial. For Photo Studio Light Box Dimensions watch complete tutorial. I Hope You Like it.

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Things You Need for Making Mini Professional Photo Studio.

• Cardboard
• 12 Volt Led Strip
• Silver Stick For Heat Sink
• 12 Volt Adaptor
• White Chart Paper
• Super Glue
• Dc Barrel Jack Adaptor
• Glue Gun

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  1. Leah Cooper says

    What the hell is a silver stick? LOL!
    And could you possibly be more complicated?

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  3. Khin Dara says

    So nice videos brother

  4. S Tra says

    Here we have someone who is the opposite of an engineer. He takes a very simple idea and makes it as complicated as he can. He doesn’t solve problems, he creates them. Essentially it’s a cardboard box with a light inside, yet he glued cardboard pieces together to make a box. Then he wired his own lights. You should quit making tutorials. It’s just not for you.

  5. Shubham Kumar says

    Hello are u selling this ? If yes we required to purchase this

  6. Costa Blanca Living says

    Great work, so easy to do.

  7. Claire Nabwire says

    I love it…. can't wait to make it

  8. Nabeel Ahmed says


  9. Naman Agarwal says

    Bro i want 12v led strip and silver sick please help

  10. Ankit Kumar says

    What iis that instrument using which a circle was cut?

  11. Gem Stones Mineral and Agate says

    Very good. Thanks.

  12. Vasu Patel says


  13. Vasu Patel says


  14. Yousef Helal says

    can I use a bigger box with a bigger height ,or this will affect the lightening ?

  15. Muhammad Ammar Abdani says

    Batao making tricks

  16. Muhammad Ammar Abdani says

    Mujhey 1 as it is bana do me I will give you your charges

  17. YouTube Assam says

    Very inventive… Thumbs up

  18. EL EL says

    Couldn’t you just use a cardboard box ?

  19. Marshal Entertainments says

    Link to get LED strips and silver stick please

  20. Debu Roy says


  21. Constantin Vintu says

    Looks great , Thanks

  22. Ed Parry says

    source for silver stick? thanks

  23. BaseerIsTen Vlogs says

    nice idea

  24. Muhamad Rais Bahtiar says

    Nice bro, what is the function of the hole on the top?

  25. Someone Else says

    Very good
    from Dubai

  26. Gaurang Varshney says


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