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Photography mistakes to avoid as a Beginner Photographer. Photography is a challenging art form and as a beginner photographer, one can make some mistakes unknowingly. To be a better photographer these mistakes should be avoided.

Mistakes to avoid as a Beginner Photographer video covers 7 Photography mistakes to avoid as a Beginner Photographer. This video not only covers the mistakes but also the solution to avoid them and click better images.

Beginner Photography tips are covered in this video that are essential for every beginner photographer to know. These tips should be kept in mind and even the mistakes should be avoided.

Hope you enjoyed the video and it helped you.
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  1. Saurav Sinha says

    Let me know in the comments below if you liked the video or not!

  2. Péter Oszlánczi says

    This fucking accent xdddd good vid btw thanks!

  3. Sayan Pandit says

    Hey bro can i get a dslr for free
    I have potential but low on funds

  4. Rhoda Annie says

    I'm new

  5. Curved Life says

    Very informative.

    Thank you.

    By the way, your laptop link is broken.

    Keep the videos coming.



  6. Omkar Devalapurkar says

    Close to million views.

  7. Sapna Dawrani says

    nailed it

  8. Bumblebee Channel says

    indian accent very inique

  9. Kayra Raj says

    this was so helpful.. im glad i came across this

  10. George Joseph says

    You got it all.Great work lad

  11. Simona Filipovic says

    He's soo cute

  12. Christopher Johnson says

    Great stuff. Tips I've not heard anywhere else, and they all make perfect sense. Thanks.

  13. Vronz Nan says

    Use ur Live view to see the right expoxure

  14. Konrad says

    terrible english…

  15. Being Adu says

    Video is for the beginners but the terms explained are going bounced for a beginner!!!

    How would a beginner know so much technical stuff about what you said?

  16. Pascal Kaufmann says

    Very nicely done, clear and concise. Thank you 🙂

  17. Hameed Khan says

    Which lens use for full buler in 1200d canon camera

  18. SH AR ON says

    Where did you buy this t-shirt

  19. sakariye ismaaciil says

    Tell me editing best

  20. subin vk says

    Which is your camera

  21. Khim Khatri says

    Bro which software is used to edit

  22. J.I.M. says


  23. Naveen Chanti says

    Best photography cemera yedi brother

  24. Owain Gwilym says

    Great video

  25. OhSnap84 says

    I’m a beginner so I’ve been watching A LOT of videos. You’ve made a few good points that no one I’ve watched so far has mentioned. I will be subbing immediately. Thank you!

  26. Yo yo Rehan says
  27. Yo yo Rehan says
  28. Lei Dalisay says

    This is really informative! Thank you. Very clear explanation. 🙂

  29. Rekzy says

    I like your t-shirt

  30. Jamil Abdrabba says

    Very helpful mate , thanks a lot.

  31. Kiran Abraham says

    I want to buy a new DSLR, In which camera, we can get nice quality pictures,Nikon d5300 or canon 1500d,
    Thank you

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  33. Prince Shakoor says

    It was a good video, but I have one question
    Which microphone are you using in this video, I need one, can you please drop me a link or something, please

  34. Arcsecant says

    Great job man, thank you for the lesson.

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  36. Alexandr Nita says

    man, the moment with the tripod – I was doing it even worse than you described – I was "moving" my camera with the tripod in hands 😀

  37. Afaq Khan says

    Thanks and good videos bro

  38. ishita mandal says

    The last one was really amazing…lots of people do this mistake…. including me😋😜😛

  39. Ronku Tai says

    With which camera did you shoot the video?

  40. Luis M says

    You earned a subscriber


    How to connect dslr to projector live streaming????

  42. Video Diary says

    Nice to reviewed once again!

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