WHY the 24-70mm LENS is the ULTIMATE landscape PHOTOGRAPHY tool

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The 24-70mm lens is an awesome all round lens for landscape photography. In episode 1 of my photography lens series I talk about how you can use this lens to create some great photos.

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  1. Dennis Steul says

    To me the 24-70 mm is my base lens. Not my only lens, but it is the lens which is always on the camera before I go out and shoot. Much flexibility.

  2. Andres Cifuentes says

    Great video as usual! However, seeing as you are using the f4 version wouldn´t a 24-105 be an even better tool? In my case I´m really looking forward to fujifilm´s upcoming 16-80f4.

  3. Alan Murphy says

    I shoot Canon and use the Canon 24-70 lens but when I head to the woods I also take with me the Canon 70-200 lens and use it for narrowing down the composition. Both lens produce excellent results. I recently purchased a Canon Pro-10 and have begun printing my own photos. I am enjoying retirement and get lots of advice and inspiration from your videos, keep up the great work.

  4. Deborah Clemons says

    My favorite lenses are the 70-300 and my 10-18 wide-angle. I don't have a 24-70 so I have to cover that mid-range with my least favorite lens – the kit lens that came with my camera 18-135. I usually don't like the landscape photos I get from it. I definitely understand the need for that middle range at times because I have a big gap there. I avoid shots that need that 24-70 range, therefore limiting my versatility. 🙁

  5. Kev Warrilow says

    Hi Nigel – I follow your Vlogs and thoroughly enjoy them – they give me (and I'm sure many others) great inspiration. I have a question regarding your recent equipment change to the Nikon Z7. For years I was a Nikon FF user – my last being the D800E but age being what it is I was fed up carrying around so much weight and bulk and moved over to the Fuji System and currently my main camera is the X-T2. Now that Nikon have introduced the Z series mirrorless I'm really interested in your opinion as I'm seriously tempted back to Nikon – Particularly with the new 24-70 lens as that was the mainstay on my D800E Full Frame camera. Yours Aye – Kev

  6. Kevin Smith says

    Nigel, thanks for another informative and inspirational video. You've got another subscriber to your channel 🙂 I love doing landscape photography here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm still learning and have been dabbling with photography for about 30 years. Currently my gear is the Nikon D3400 with kit lenses. The 24-70mm Nikon lens you used looks amazing. It's definitely on my future gear list. Your videos provide wonderful motivation to keep getting out there to preserve a moment in the world around us to share.

  7. William DeSevo says

    I shoot Canon and use the 24-105 L lens because it had a little more reach and, more importantly, it was cheaper than the Canon 24-70 L lens.

  8. Trustin Nguyen says


    The 24-70mm lens is great lens for all round. I've used it quite a lot and there is about 80% of my photography come from this lens.

  9. Kristian Hirvonen says

    Great video again Nigel. I've learned a lot from you. I've started photography a few weeks back when I got my Nikon D3500. No experience of other lenses than my 18-55mm kit. I bet that 24-77mm will be on my Santa's list for next x-mas.

  10. kowa1 says

    nothing can deny that the 24-70 is a cracking lens, and a focal length that allows for great range in composition, getting use to the 24 mm end found me wanting more( even using legs to walk back wasn't enough lol) it was just for me the overall weight with body with an ultra wide and longer zoom all in tow made me look for alternatives ( dont talk to me about the 80-200 now that's a tank ), when using my d700 i picked up the non vr 24-85 af s light, great range small filter ring and usable with ir and an E series MF 75-150 great range and small light and great image quality and using a sigma 17-35 ex dg 77 mm thread version for ultra wide I still found it all a tad cumbersome , now I also have an xt2 with 18-55 and a 55-200 which is light compact and i use my 14 mm nikon fit samyang with adaptor to go wider, but an really intrigued by the z series as I'm not sure the xt is there with IQ so i watch with interest, really enjoying the content keep up the great work

  11. Brian Pia says

    Hi Nigel – congratulations on hitting a 100k subscribers! I’m just getting started in photography and love your videos. After seeing this video and the pictures you took the 24-70 lens will definitely be my next lens.

  12. Johnathan Meerfeld says

    24-70 is an amazing range. Wish there was a reasonably priced option for a sony a7iii owner, especially for one going on a trip to Iceland in june 😉 would love to grab the Gmaster 24-70, but considering I am a beginner, I'd decided to go with a good versatile 35mm 1.4 Sigma for now. Great video, and was really happy to find your channel!

  13. Mark Wayne says

    Just recently purchased a Nikon D800 and my first two lenses were primes, a 50mm f1.8 and 20knots f1.8, both by Nikon. I bought them for image quality and working on a limited budget. I am very happy with both, but often find the need to change lenses and the lack of flexibility to be frustrating. So my next purchase will be a standard zoom. I would love the Nikon 24-70mm, but it won't fit my budget. I am considering the Tamron SP 28-75 f2.8, very good reviews and a great price. Also, really looking forward to your Masterclass Series.

  14. Starsmore says

    Hi Nigel
    The 24-70 goes everywhere with us. Super versatile and is used on D850 and D500 bodies. My larger images are printed around 48" and the quality from this lens is incredible. Bit heavy admittedly but a small price to pay for the quality so even on holiday it's my go-to lens.

  15. Bryan Dillon says

    Great Video… I’ve been looking at Blea Tarn as a photo location over the last couple of days. The snow and frosts make it look amazing!!
    I use a Nikon D7500 with a Sigma 17-55mm F2.8 lens. To be honest it rarely leaves the camera. As you say super versatile for so many different shots. I also try and seek out details in the landscape for many of my shots, details most people miss.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win the Tripod. Fingers are crossed!!!

  16. tjsinva says

    My 18-55mm kit lens (APS-C) is a workhorse. I've been generally surprised at the versatility. Over time though, I've found I have to take extra care for sharpness at the longer focal lengths. Even though I have other ranges of lenses, it's the lens that's on my camera 90% of the time. Some great example images and drone shots in this video. Rock on!

  17. Jun Yamog says

    Always loved your videos and hope to learn more. I started with a kit lens 18-55 APSC, I still have it today but I tend to have used 12, 24, 70-200 APSC. I did avoid the 24mm look and usually I just use my phone for those photos. I just got an FF and looking for a shorter FL lens. Since I tended to use 12 and 24 on APSC, I thought I would get a 16-35 FF lens. But your video is something I am thinking about. I will try to use my 18-55 see if I get to love it again.

  18. Maxence Lemoine says

    i really like the 24-70, I always have one with me, especially when i go out just to walk with no special idea in mind, so many possibilities with it !

  19. Marion Edick says

    The 24-70 Z is also my first lens for a Nikon Z camera. I like that it is 24 instead of 28 for landscapes. Although I like a 105 on the long end, I prefer a lens that is smaller and lighter. I am pleased with the f/4 because I don’t need fast, heavy glass for what I shoot. When I want lens speed, I prefer a really fast, sharp fixed focal length. Hoping for more Z lenses quickly. I also shoot the Sony A7R3 so I know about waiting for glass. Happier with the larger Nikon glass eco system than the Sony.

  20. Sara Rance says

    Excellent, information wise, and your passion shines through which is delightful. Professional but friendly. As for the 24-70, I have a Sony G master lens on the A7Rii. I love how versatile it is, along with excellent quality and sharpness. I can do great landscapes throughout the range but also flowers etc with great bokeh at the same time, should the chance arise. It’s a heavy lens, which is the downside. It always puts a smile on my face because I known I am going to come home with something good!

  21. Peter Rossato says

    Nigel, loved the video. My Nikor 24-85 / f3.5-4.5 "kit lens" is absolutely my go to lens on my ND810. It is often is the only lens I use leaving me to wonder why load up my back pack with other lenses. I find that mine has given me great detail and other than possibly low light conditions it has met my needs. For a recent trip to Iceland I borrowed my brother's 24-70 /f2.8 and I found myself only making lens changes for very unique circumstances.

  22. Petes1800 says

    Thanks Nigel. I don’t have a 24-70, I do use a 18-55 kit lens for my Nikon D7500 so it is close to that. I found I use it a lot and get good results. I need to upgrade to a better lens for this focal length. I use my 35mm prime a lot as well for landscape on the crop it’s about 52mm. I just got home from a trip to New Zealand and you owe it to yourself to go, the south lands and fjord areas are tremendous. I have to now process 700 photos. I used my Nikon 18-300 a lot since I didn’t want to change lenses frequently.

  23. Elleryi says

    When I first started my go to lens was a 24-70 lens, and it was great. I now find I prefer the wide lens and longer telephoto lens and almost never use the 24-70 range.

  24. Abhijeet Chakravarty says

    I have the Tamron 24-70 f2.8 G2 on the D850 and I am loving it for landscapes!!!

  25. Proxygate says

    When you go shoot your vlogs, do you usually bring 2 cameras ? 1 for photo and 1 for video .

  26. Luc Jones says

    I have 70-200 and 16-35. I never use them as I love my 50mm for focal length and how compact it makes my camera. I’m craving something a bit wider now though. I think it’s time to trade up and try 24-70.

  27. PerspectiveVisuals says

    Wonderful video Nigel your truly inspiring! I love my 24-70 and am working to expand my photo business to include travel and landscapes. I started into landscapes 10 years ago and have let them go as work life took over. I also recently have made changes in life to bring back my family focus and enjoy may visual arts. Take care!

  28. Adam Cogan says

    Another great vid Nigel, this is actually my first ever comment on YouTube! I have the EOS R and it came with the 24-105 f4 which is an outstanding lens, completely agree that the range is fab for a go to optic for landscape photography. Great point on the portrait orientation, much underused. Keep the videos coming 🙂

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