5 Must Have Photo Studio Essentials Under $200!

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Let’s take a look at the 5 must-have essentials for studio photographers, all of which are under $200!

Tether Cable
Tether Table
Apple Box
Gaffer Tape
Posing Table Kit

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  1. Jones Alexandría Germanni says

    Amazing video!

  2. Pòl MacDhòmhnaill says

    We've a great selection of items in UK Apple boxes are sold in most towns or cities, with no end on EBay UK. Good video as I've a cellar and boarding may be an idea.

  3. Miyuu Miyuu says

    I love the Kakashi Sensei T-shirt

  4. Asikpo Bassey says

    Great video! Definitely have to subscribe after watching this.

  5. Don Fitzsimmons says

    Great video. I like the studio tips and I think you might find yourself a nice little YouTube niche focusing on shooting in-studio. I would love to see more videos focused on studio work as I'm starting my own.

  6. Jonathan Connell says

    Do you have a Kit.com account? If not, you should really start one! I think everyone would really benefit from it 👏🏼👏🏼

  7. rifle22coach says

    Great vid but what software is it ?

  8. Daryl Davis says

    For the camera bag, also for my urban and back country survival kits, I wrap gaffer tape around an old credit card: a goodly amount packs nice and flat. My travel tripod has some wound around a leg.

  9. pieter van der walt says

    Light meter, yes some of us still use them

  10. Steven Sanchez says

    Gaffers tape! Brought to you by Unique Photo lol!

  11. rialbb says

    alright, miguel – make a 5 piece quiles kit with these items for 200 bucks

  12. jonathan jenkins says

    Hey Miguel, thanks for putting together this great video with the must haves. I was hoping you would do another video covering V-flats, I haven’t come across those much and would like to know how to best incorporate them into a workflow. I have a more film background but I’m getting into photography and would love to get your opinion on whether back drops are better or V-flats. Thanks !

  13. bwvids says

    Other accessory must haves under $$: 1) super clamps and Justin clamps or “just clamps” – maybe even a Magic Arm!, 2) tools: multi screwdriver, leatherman, knife, scissors, Allen wrenches, etc 3) air blower and Zeiss lens wipes, 4) light modifiers: vflat, reflector, gobo, grids, diffusion fabric, gels, 5) spare: batteries, flash transceivers, umbrella holders, spigots, adapters, cables, sand bags/weights, etc.

    A utility cart “station” with all these smaller supplies is handy!

  14. bwvids says

    @3:00 talking about v-flats, mentions another item to use to bind them… but forgot to call it out: gaffer tape! Easy way to bind the panels together like a book – then cut apart if needed. Therefore good to have tape in at least black and white colors.

  15. Carl Harper says

    Hey Kakashi sensei, great video man.

  16. roedolf lubbe says

    Isn't there something like a wireless tethering system? I can't see how dragging such a long cable can be convenient

  17. Brittani Jackson says

    I was just talking about getting a tether setup. Checking out the links now

  18. John Dawson says

    Thanks. I highly recommend Tape King gaff tape. You can get two 2"x30yd rolls for $16 at Amazon. It's great stuff!

  19. Maicol GO says

    Miquel thanks for a great video, love it.

  20. Vince V says

    Thanks…I have a question regarding tethering the Sony A7iii. I have both the tether tool cord and jerk stopper, but it seems the cord always seems to fall out the camera (it's like the connection is too loose). How do you ensure that the cord stays in the Camera?

  21. J Kundi says

    So glad I found your channel, loving your tutorials #subscribed

    Oh and loving the Kakashi Senpai t-shirt 🙂

  22. Lau Bjerno says

    It would be nice if you explained what Vflats are. I've no idea what they are.

  23. A Google User says

    Wow, it's amazing that you've got affiliate links for all the items you recommend. You might as well just call this a commercial for shit you make money off.

  24. Albert Wong says

    Great advice!! Awesome shirt by the way!! Since i do not have an actual physical studio, I usually have a portable background kit and portable (battery powered and AC powered) studio lights to bring to clients or on location.

  25. Wilson Oshidipe says

    Hit the thumbs up bc of the kakashi t-shirt 👌🏿👌🏿💪🏾💪🏾. Great video

  26. Ride On says

    Good one

  27. Dion Chapman says

    Ladder, so you can get above the model…

  28. Ryan Scott Miller says

    Would be worth it to make your own v flats or just buy them?

  29. Bob Coletta says

    miguel….thanks for sharing your knowledge. i live in berkeley hts…i'd love to peek over your shoulder one day in your studio. i'm on FB. maybe you can accommodate my wish.

  30. CCtenor says

    Your shirt tells me you are a man of class.

  31. James Deak says

    Must have: background stand kit

  32. gcnphilly says

    Love this list. Have you done any shooting with the folding v-flats from V-Flat World? I think each one is just under $200 but the portability seems to be an attractive feature. I haven't shot with them but might give it a try at some point.

  33. MO JONES says

    Thanks for the Vid!!

  34. TheYeti InOz says

    Thanks Miguel! Great video. Practical tips like these are so usefull for aspiring portrait shooters such as myself. How do you support reflectors when you need them at an angle?

  35. Mitch Chemers says

    Foam board is available to pick up at sign supply distributors in major cities.

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