Wedding Photography – Composition Tips (Day 12 of 30)

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Today we talk about composition and what makes an incredible wedding photography image. Composition tips – Day 12 of 30!
All 30 days of the course:

If you’re looking for something more business focused (how to attract new clients, that type of thing) that’s all over at as well as full courses at:

  1. Taylor Jackson says

    Accidental Canon M50 High ISO test: fail.
    If you're looking for something more business focused (how to attract new clients, that type of thing) that's all over at as well as full courses at:

  2. MrPeui says

    also textures is important 🙂

  3. stef says


  4. Jeffrey Roche says

    I may have a loose definition of rule of thirds but it doesn't seem like the first picture is breaking it. You have the couple kind of in the middle thirds. There is a third above and below them as well as thirds to the left and the right. I think it still works because you still respect the thirds even though you didn't necessarily put them at the intersection of the thirds

  5. Ananth kumar.P says

    Thanks for sharing your experience and awesome rule of third and golden rules images,Its really useful ,this is very useful for all beginners 👌😋

  6. LeapFrog says


  7. jane doe says

    Love your work Taylor. I was just creeping your website!
    Do you always outsource for your editing? I really love your editing style and was wondering if you sell edits like in your recent work?

  8. CJ McCullough says

    @Taylor Jackson are these 30 free videos straight from your advanced wedding photography course or are they separate?

  9. JimmyTranPhotography says

    Love watching your videos. Great content. Keep up the great work.

  10. Meek Rodriguez says

    Good morning Taylor

  11. Andrej Konič says

    How do you mount the camera for the videos when you are shooting? Do you have a headstrap for the gopro or what? Great videos great photos😄

  12. Jamie Burgoyne says

    Great tips. Thanks

  13. fantomfoto says

    I've been looking at golden ratio spiral tattoos the last few days. Some of them are really cool and only other dorky photographers would get what it means. Great vid Taylor!

  14. Selvam Duraisamy says

    Super bro

  15. MAD Photography says

    Thanks bro…

  16. Chris Hetherington says

    Hi 👋

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