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howdy y’all. today i had picture day 🤠. i actually wanted to have a semi decent picture for once so i put in some extra work 😎. enjoy! i love you all so much💘💞

socials! 💌
snapchat- @yasmeenrefaei
dote- @yasmeenrefaei

business email (for companies):✨
[email protected]

quick facts:🌿
age? 14
birthday? aug.24
grade: 9
editing software? imovie

  1. Mar Ramirez says

    No one:

    Locals: stop copying Antonio

  2. Alissia Serratore says

    U look so pretty in the thumbnail but u trying to copy the queen

  3. Jelly Padilla says

    What do you use to film? And how do you edit your videos

  4. Sarah Jones says

    This was the most boring video I have ever watched the outro was more interesting then the whole video

  5. Mar Ramirez says

    Okay? She did the same edits as Antonino what abt it LMAO anyways it wasn’t that deep

  6. Maya says

    You said this is your personality but you didn’t edit like this till antonio came💀💀

  7. Baby B says

    .b e a u t i f u l l. Don't let the hater get to u girl. Ur doing great, soon you'll get up there!

  8. Nawal Abdulla says

    Antonio grata wanna beeee 🙄

  9. Mariuhh Rivera says

    Fr stop acting like anotonio

  10. femi oriola says

    I thought this was Antonio’s video 😂😂👉🏾🚪

  11. Madeline says

    oh god go find ur own editing style and stop copy antonio

  12. Angelica kaye says

    You’re not going to be Antonio omg stop copying queen smh 😒🙄

  13. sweeter than honey says

    stop copying the queen

  14. Eileen Jacinto says

    Yooooooo I didn’t mean to make that comment a “hate comment” but it’s kind of true a lot people copy Antonio’s editing style. Just speaking FACTS😚

  15. alexaa says

    you tryna be antonio so bad fr

  16. princess life says

    School is not a fashion show idiot

  17. manshi vlogs says

    u are a person who inspired me to do YouTube

  18. khanyi says

    Let's support each other , I just subbed 💕btw you are so pretty and sub to sub

  19. talia lee says

    you are actually really funny when you are not acting like Antonio. It’s ok to get inspired from someone else but don’t do every exact thing they do. just act as yourself because ur acc v funny!!

  20. tie dye says

  21. Jalissa Ocasio says

    you should vlog your school day one day and show the torture of high school . 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

  22. Rose DiLorenzo says

    Ahh I remember always stressing out so much when it came around to school picture today!!!

  23. Indian at your service says

    I wonder if people at my school did this lol

  24. lilian clarice says

    i feel like y’all don’t realize that antonio has a big fan base and it’s just like a thing to act like him. didn’t even notice it cause everyone really just always acting like that lately. antonio owns an editing style? lol???

  25. zion b says



    I feel like Antonio should be in this 😂

  27. H A N N A H says

    This is a wholeeee mood😂

    ~ also just some constructive criticism😂 maybe the editing is a little much? It’s sad to see that you’re getting hate over “copying”.. but I think you would grow more, and drop some hate😂 if you had a unique editing theme? Idk lol, just tryna help a girl out

  28. ariella g. says

    this is so unoriginal stop being like antonio garza

  29. Hailey McNabb says


  30. DOLL FACE says

    yesssss my kweennnn

  31. regena george says

    i can’t wait for you to hit 3k bb!❤️

  32. Alyrehs Tan says

    okay queen 🤧😍

  33. Cecilia Ramirez says

    Yesss sis looking like a snack ❤️

  34. joceelyn garza says

    you’re so gorgeous skskxnd 😓💞

  35. Adryana Zanae says


  36. Alyssa Beristain says

    I love you so much your literally my mood everyday❤️😂

  37. Haley Amaris says

    i went natural for my id picture bc i thought i’d look better instead of having sm makeup on but sis looks like a crackhead

  38. Haley Amaris says


  39. Denise Martinez says

    New sub ☺

  40. Adijah Akinsola says

    HOW DOES SHE HAVE HATERS? like people actually dislke this? I love yasmeen <3

  41. Keira says

    Be original.. acting just like Antonio 🙄

  42. Itsjustchiamaka says

    We love a queen

  43. rachel nielsen says

    omg bomb as always

  44. Jasmine Cosio says

    You’re really underrated:/ you’re literally so gorgeous

  45. hannah sophia says

    WE S T A N

  46. Kulsum says

    I filmed the same vid but i turned out looking worse

  47. Mariela Pascual Sosa says

    Early asf:) you btw:)❤❤

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