Senior Pictures: What to Wear

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Find out what to wear in photos in this clip on senior portrait photography

In this clip from the CreativeLive Class, The Business of Senior Photography, Sal Cincotta and Taylor Golden Cincotta talk about helping hight school seniors choose what to wear for their senior photography shoot and which texture, fabrics, and cuts look best on camera.

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  1. Gordon Elwell says

    Basic white and basic black – OK in concept but the pure white will invite blown-out sections of the photo, and the opposite with black, invites intense dark area on the left of the histagram. Just IMHO. For the fail safe, I would pick a beige on the lighter end, and a grey or dark blue on the other end. I just think blacks and whites remove some of the photographer's options depending on the lighting at the location.

  2. Daniela Hernani says

    All the outfits are really ugly lol

  3. Romain M says

    Love your work Sal !

  4. Courtney Bush says

    First let me say I love these guys BUT I think a person's personal preference when they come to you for pictures can be insulted when you say you don't like something is refuse to shoot especially if it's a colors or patterns. Sometimes as photographers we get so technical that we forget about the memories that they are trying to capture. I LOVE looking at old pictures of myself and what I used to wear, I'm glad I didn't have the perfect hair or outfit, it's makes me laugh and reminisce. Stop being so calculated and let them have their moment in TEAL and LUMBER JACK SHIRTS. FYI I hate the lumber jack shirt also but I will shoot it, if that's what was special to them.

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