CHASING THE MONEY SHOT – On Assignment with a Professional Photographer

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In this video full time professional landscape photographer Tom Mackie gives a glimpse into his professional work and explains how he makes money from photography.

Tom discusses selling photos, who buys photography and the ways in which he works with many of his long standing clients.

We hope you find this video interesting and a useful follow up to our video; life as a professional landscape photographer and making a living from photography.

If you have further questions or want any future videos on this topic please just leave your comments below.

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  1. Somewhere Down The Road says

    Great Video Tom. You take the complex world of Commercial Photography and simplify it…I appreciate that. I no longer shoot for money but I like that you add that commercial take on your work and how you present it to your viewers. You add a lot information to your videos that help in so many ways. Thanks and I look forward to the next video.

  2. Robert Kosara says

    You totally deserved that snowball at the end! 😂 Great video!

  3. Andy Chattaway says

    Great video Tom. The location is gorgeous, your work ethos great and the working information really interesting. Leisurely photo shoots in picturesque villages, invites to lunch & snowball fights – It's tough at the top. 😉

  4. Andrzej Muzaj says

    Thumbs up for the snowball and Tom's reaction to it! 😀

  5. Chris Waddell says

    Hi Tom, nice video but, are you telling us that you knocked on the doors of all those houses (estimating 17 of them) to get permission to shoot? If so, did you get them to sign property releases or are you happy to shoot with just a verbal agreement? As you can tell, I'm a bit confused. It's my understanding of UK law that you can shoot most property (with the odd exception such as military bases) as long as you are standing in a public place, ie the pavement (sidewalk) on a municipally adopted road (not a private road) and there are no usage restrictions for such photographs that I'm aware of. On the other hand, shooting private property from within the bounds of that property yes, you need a property release. I know, I have shot a few that way.

  6. Barry townsend says

    How do you find these places ?? i do try and google images of a certain place but all i get is the one's that everybody has and get so disappointed. Great vid been and admirer of your work for years.

  7. nnix says

    I wouldn't expect anyone to want a shot from this time of day. I'd want blue hour, especially given the possibility of lights in the windows. Do some time blending… But then again, no one's paying me for my photography.

  8. Albert Moy says

    Thanks for some really useful advice, always enjoy all your great landscape photos. I've only shoot at a hobbyist landscape photography and selling a few photos via EyeEM stock photography. I only shoot in aperture priority for landscape but cheap a little by bracketing in 1 F stop over and under in some weather condition.

  9. Trevor Lloyd says

    Great scene Tom, good advise and a wonderful catch, thanks

  10. Floydian1311 says

    You had snow AND sun, I had 37 snowflakes and grey dull skies 😉

  11. Jeff Files says

    Wow were in my neck of the woods, Castle Coombe is fairly local to me. It was good to see how you captured this wonderful village, stunning shots with no people amazing ;-D

  12. Great advice Tom I've been involved with taking pictures on and off for about 40 years (that old) and when I was younger I did think about going full time but became a policeman instead but when that time was up I started back again doing some landscape and architectural stuff and also started doing editorial and commercial stock. Surprisingly the editorial stock stuff is starting to earn a wee bit each month but I know that can change quickly. The only problem I've had with editorial stuff is Getty, who still want property releases for buildings way of in the distance and even in some of the street stuff. but nice vlog as always

  13. Vince Revolution says

    Yeah getting those shots with fresh snow and sunny the next day can create some amazing landscapes. So much more drama.

  14. gbl photography says

    Hello Tom: Came across your site a few days ago and have to say the videos are superb. I searched your site for a video on ETTR but couldn't locate anything. Any chance on a video on this subject in the future? I understand the purpose of exposing to the right but have questions such as is it necessary to use all the time? or just certain light conditions? or depending on amount of post processing? etc. With your knowledge and concise way of explaining, would value your input on this. Thanks for the channel. Well done! Blaine

  15. Louis Roodt says

    Would one get paid a once off fee for a published photo like that or is it royalty based on how many items sell?

  16. Derek Gillan says

    wise words

  17. Suxxes Photo says

    Tom, with + exposure compensation due to the snow etc, whats the difference with ETTR? I always usually expose to the right if I can go up a stop?

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