Photoshop CC Tutorial: How to create a Distorted Glitch Art Photo Effect

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In this tutorial, I will be using Photoshop CC to demonstrate how to create a sliced glitch art style photo effect in Photoshop.

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  1. FergiDunk says

    I followed this guide, about 1 or 2 inconsistancies that my laptop couldn't do but yours could. Overall result- Got exactly what I wanted in the end. Great guide!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. danludus says

    Thank you bro! Good stuff!

  3. TaylorSmithStudio says

    Will this work with CS6? I have tried with no luck

  4. SweetChariotOfFire says

    For whatever reason, I cannot get my filters to allow me to Distort–>Shear. Once I select the Red Channel the Filters panel becomes disabled. I'm working in 8bit/channel. I can select Distort–>Shear when I make no adjustmenet to the channels portion.

    Anybody know if I'm missing something?

  5. Unknown says

    Does this work on gimp?

  6. JELA says

    You're an amazing teacher and so talented. Thank you!

  7. sn sdp says

    your tutorials are awesome!

  8. Adam Blister says

    Ridiculous that photoshop doesn't have a fucking glitch filter. This is so tedious and the end result isn't even that convincing.

  9. bleedinant says

    Great tutorial! It also helps that he is hot.

  10. iLLxEGO AMIGO says

    Dope Bro…It Helped Out Alot!

  11. Giuseppe Perri says

    Great tutorial!
    Thanks, Justin

  12. Jonathan Peterson says

    I just got Photoshop CC 2017 yesterday and I've forgotten some of my skill that I had acquired from my Graphic Design course from last year. Ill defiantly be watching your videos again because your extreamly helpfull.

  13. Andrew Patino says

    I don't why I keep watching this stuff I don't even have photoshop

  14. HybridZephirus says

    Awesome video! But I'm kinda lost: when I right click after making the rectangles ( 2:40 in the video) , the "fill" option is not available…

  15. Beanie Boy says

    This is really confusing and I'm only beginning to get to advanced photo editing,or do I just not know how easy it is until I've done it ?

  16. Hanf. says

    Thanks a lot for this!!!!

  17. Bradley Greening says

    This is an amazing tutorial thank you so much!!

  18. Louis Gryspeerdt says

    i'm on a pc and when i try to put a filter on the color channels it won't let me, any idea anyone??

  19. Carlos Bedoya says

    I am obsessed with your channel. keep up the good work!!! thanks!!!!

  20. 2333 333 says

    thank you!

  21. Byrneyz says

    I need help bad, when I go to Channels to create the Glitch effect I click Red then go to Filters but everything is Grey and wont allow me to click Distort.

  22. Irina Melik says

    Thank you!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been looking for a distortion video!

  23. ๋…ธํ˜„์ค€ says

    thank you!

  24. Carmine Chiriaco says


  25. 1Take All Star Gang says

    I'm tryna pay someone to edit videos if you got the sauce then drop your email.

  26. Jordan says

    Got exactly the effect i wanted, great tutorial!

  27. Extra Halves says

    great vid damn!

  28. Looper says

    You are a beautiful man ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Cailyn Rossiter says

    Wow this was really helpful and informative, not like some tutorials that just fast forward through how to do things. I was wondering if there was a way that one could "glitch" and image such as the way you did here but have another image appear within the glitches? I'm trying to do an art piece and I think that would be a cool idea.

  30. Rasha Osman says

    You're Awesome !

  31. Egg Head says

    This was an absolutely fantastic and well explained tutorial. Thanks for sharing it with us, man!

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