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G’day! In today’s vlog we’ll be blazing up (lol) doing some fire photography. Make sure you read this disclaimer first tho:

The use of fire shown in this video was handled in a controlled environment. We had lots of water, a back up fire extinguisher and the ground was damp. ALWAYS assess the risk and be prepared.

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  1. AmiT SinGh says

    Anyone knows tha name of song used in the video…??

  2. Temitayo Fraser says

    I smiled for the portrait.. Looool imagine

  3. Alicia Pratt says

    when you smile and pose because he said hes gonna take a portrait of you

  4. duker boy says

    just use photoshop dont waste newspapers 🤣🤣

  5. Padma Verma says

    What are you talking about….. This photo is legit… Actually the best "flame " Photo i ve ever seen

  6. Grace the cool pineapple says

    I actually posed when he took a photo. Thanks man

  7. Terry-Ann Wilson says

    I'm actually 18 but I guess its good that I don't look a day over 20

  8. Sharoon Ameer says

    Oh man i want that pictures what you made.


    great vid photos ah….I expected more

  10. Cristian armella says

    Guardate questo video !!! È uno in anteprima

  11. Australia Car Photography says

    Im a photographer too, what Camera do you have?

  12. حمودي الشاعر says

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  13. A 2 says

    next time have him blow into the flame… you might get your shot… I'm a controlled pyro… hahaha

  14. Asm Sadique says

    great work.. 🙂

  15. MEUZ D ONE says


  16. Akshay Aravind says

    Which camera is used to take pics

  17. Chris Hansen says

    Disappointed you'd guy choose a forest for a set to light a newspaper with ink on fire… Especially without even one fire extinguisher…

  18. Abdo Lilah says

    Op photographers ✌🏻

  19. منتضر ر احمد says

    you are the Best

  20. marco luta says

    Song title? Please

  21. Marcus Fisher says

    Cool guys 👍😎🔥

  22. The Winter Wolf Kgdr says

    This dude is the best photographer ever!

  23. Jelle Bakker says

    try to lift you Diafragma next time, wil give a better effect!

  24. syed inkeshaf says
    Like comments and share
    Follow me

  25. Ashley Herrera says

    You are so cute,i wish to become a photographer😍💗🇩🇴💝

  26. JaNe Villarin says

    This is so very nice I love photography 😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍

  27. عالم الإفادة says


  28. Elaine Vick says

    I'm from Brazil, could you add caption?

  29. Janine Oliveira says

    So cool going to try this ! Love this!
    Wish you cold check my photography instagram account

  30. Mohamed Wael says

    What is your camera?

  31. Acaflow cicilla says

    What's name music the fondo ?????

  32. Acaflow cicilla says

    Está buena la cancion de fondo, cómo se llama, me pueden decir por favor

  33. Amit Mali says

    waking early is good it;s just 12 in noon i have whole day …! and Dinner time, I mean.. was he talking whole day with us

  34. Zeems j says

    Nice bro

  35. Rahul rathore says

    Can we take these shots with 55-250mm lens

  36. QaoQa QQ says


  37. Camilo Buitrago says

    Bro, I loved your edition ❤️

  38. md ibrahim says

    No camera…. So sad

  39. Tewelde fitness says

    Great one I love it

  40. Top videos says

    Hey this video awesome you very beautiful men

  41. Sage Desire101 says

    Am i the only one who pose in the intro? '-'

  42. TonyRays OfficIal says

    Whar camara do you use?

  43. Zac Hancock says

    Love the photo bro, but think it would be awesome trying at night time. Maybe even try to take some coloured tubes?

  44. CIA EUA says

    sorry for the inconvenience but what lens did you use

  45. onima limbu says

    What’s editor app name sir ?

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