How To Look Great in Your Graduation Portrait – Top Ten Posing Tips and Cheats

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1. One Final Body Check.—Position jewelry correctly. (Locket, watch, etc.) Fix your collar. Flatten the front of your top. Then put your hands on your lap, or sides.
2. Basic Good Posture.— Whether you’re seated or standing, keep your back straight, stomach in, chest out, pull your shoulders back. It makes you look confident and alert.
3. Face Angle.— Unless you’re posing for a passport or ID photo, you don’t have to face the camera full frontal. You can also turn your face slightly left or right, if you like to show your “good side”. This slight angling also allows you to emphasize your jawline for a slimming effect.
4. Body Angle.— You can also turn your upper body 30 to 40 degrees left or right to make your profile slightly narrower.
5. Double Chin Trick.— To tighten the skin under your chin, extend your face and neck slightly forward. Not up or down. Forward. It also emphasizes the jaw line.
6. The Tongue Trick.— Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It’s not easy; if you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show. So try it out first to make sure it works for you.
7. Authentic Smile.— Nothing beats an authentic smile, so think of a really happy thought. If you need a smile word, don’t use “Cheese”. Instead, use the new smile word “Wednesday” or, our own favorite: “PAYDAY!”
8. Smiling Eyes.— The eyes give life to the portrait. They need to have expression. The eyes should match the mouth, whether it’s smiling or laughing. If you want to go for a more serious look, try a light smile then squint your eyes a bit.
9. Change It Up!— Don’t use the same pose in ALL your pictures. Try on different smiles, combine them with different face and body angles, and find your good side. Find your best looks.
10. Practice!— Before trying any of these tips out in real life, practice in front of a mirror or a camera. Find several winning looks that you’re comfortable with, and memorize them.


Produced by: Nolo Rosales
Directed by: Mark Philipp Espina
Talents: Joirie Ann Pacumio
Xyruz Cruz
Prod Asst: Angelica Chua

Photos by: Nads Soliven of Good Shot Studios
Models: Liz Alberto
Trichie de Vera
Glenn de Guzman

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