Duchess Kate Shares Personal Family Photo During Lavender Primary School Royal Visit!

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Duchess Kate Shares Personal Family Photo During Lavender Primary School Royal Visit!
The Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Lavender Primary School — which she is visiting in support of @Place2Be’s #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek.

This year’s theme is ‘Healthy: Inside and Out’, focusing on the connection between physical and mental health:

The Duchess of Cambridge joins a roundtable discussion with teachers @AlpertonCS about pupil school readiness and teacher wellbeing

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  1. Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots says

    I notice the British Royal Family is into solid colour fashion… I'm in Louisiana> so the French Victorian Structured Designs in Clothes/Woodwork is something that I wish would come back into The Women's Fashion and Furniture Industry and not just in Video Games Or Nerd Events…..

  2. nanmun pathak says

    i think Kate is more connected to the commoners, among the other royals. she is the next "people's princess" (after princess Diana )😘😘
    love from INDIA…,😍😍😍

  3. paula.h7_blog says

    The Duchess of Cambrigde is definitely the children´s princess 👑💐💞

  4. Martin Gahan says

    Well done Kate.

  5. Jeff Gosney says

    thanks elliot

  6. Jo Jo says

    Duchess Catharine is so charming and oh so very beautiful! Elliot, Thank you for sharing the video!

  7. Misti Fleetwood says

    I love how her face lights up around kids!

  8. Johnnye Bewley says

    She reminds me of when the Queen herself did this with Dianna

  9. Sonya Boyes says

    She’s soooo beautiful and so natural. Absolutely love how natural and connected she is when she’s chatting with children 💞

  10. Kelly Dugas says

    Catherine showing the kids a picture of her family is so humbling and shows that she’s a genuine person, as is Meghan. Both are the Fresh Blood that the Royal Family desperately needed!

  11. Beverley Steele says

    She's great with children

  12. Gerrie Louden Bell says

    I love that HRH Katherine is making her “life’s work” helping children and families. At least it seems that way. I hope what she is encouraging at the schools she visits also happens at all primary schools in England. It’s not a bad thing these visits are filmed because it’s a way to spread the news of these school programs, too, so they can spread.

  13. Barthel Wally says


  14. Patricia Bilinkas says

    I love Catherine’s outfit, especially the shoes. What a lovely woman Catherine is!❤️👑

  15. Wendy Stavinoha says

    I have melted into a puddle. "This is my family! These are my children and this is my husband." I can't stop smiling.

  16. Mary Bruun says

    She is the whole package, beauty, kindness, intelligent, caring…Britain is lucky to have her

  17. Kionte Kent says

    Hi Elliott 👍,
    Thank you for sharing the details of Kate's duties for this very important cause ,kudos to her and all involved wishes and blessings to all.
    Mrs. K.💋

  18. Anne Mahoney says

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you are feeling better from your cold.

  19. M M says

    The person in the yellow dress directing is miss finch

  20. Bibi Walli says

    Beautiful Kate. Class act.

  21. Elsimomoftwo says

    Superb job there Elliot!!

  22. Bernice Opare says

    Is that her brother James in khaki shorts?

  23. Adele Larson says

    The Children's Princess! So lovely.❤️❤️

  24. Catherine Gadbois says

    I love how she gets so involved and always has a smile on her face!

  25. book princess says

    She looks so gorgeous – did you see her SHOES ??! She is so lovely with children and seems extremly relaxed since her last child and maybe since all the eyes are on Meghan…. ???? 💟💟💟

  26. Rachelle Chery says

    The Duchess of Cambridge appeared to connect with children from LPS by opening up about her own family through a pic of her own family. The children were more eager to talk about their own families and what they mean to them. It's important work. The beautiful and stylish Duchess is making a difference in the lives of children one child at a time. Great for her! 👍👍💕😀

  27. ALEX CHUAN says

    Lovely Kate 😍

  28. Sharon Hill-Walker says

    She’s gonna be a great Queen! So graceful and charming!

  29. Rodney Jackson says

    Gotta love Catherine…how sweet of her showing her family with the children. She has the cutest smile.
    Thank you for sharing this great video Elliot.👍👍👏

  30. M M says


  31. Christine says

    Wow she is beautiful and such a natural with those sweet children. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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