Cool Trick: Super Fast Flash Photography !!

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As promised, we proudly bring you yet another cool Aperture Priority HACK in this tutorial. This time, we add a FLASH to the trick!

Learn in this episode: How you can shoot SUPER FAST, using that Aperture Priority hack technique.

Watch these two episodes as mentioned in the video:

Enjoy, as Andrew Boey brings you yet another super effective tutorial, with his waste-no-time approach.

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Director & Camera: Chong Yichong
Editor: Ella Aw
Model: Lindsey Yap
Music: Kevin McLeod
Host: Andrew Boey

Shot in Beyond Photography Academy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  1. norman plant says

    Top stuff & thank you ….

  2. Mohammed Qamheya says

    It didn't work for me although I followed all the instructions step by step ☹️

  3. khiem bang luu says

    thanks for the tip !

  4. 羅偉聰 says

    Hello Andrew,I am confused, I try to use the flash at home, setting Auto ISO min100 and max like 3200 but it always go up to 400 only, that what I can get from google too but I don't know why

  5. Linus Rasputin says

    Hi. Nice videos with practical advices. Would be also nice to know the 5 famous photography rules. Thx

  6. Mike Acong says

    Thanks, your video very helpful

  7. kvdgadj says

    This is great for one on one. What about a group of people?

  8. michael Chandler says

    Minus 1 Ev makes the subject brighter? Is this correct?

  9. Khris Rimer says

    you're back!

  10. Incredible Muscles says

    Model is sexy

  11. Noealz Photo says

    Flash is something I need to get better at

  12. rarindra prakarsa says

    That was TTL i guess?

  13. Esmeraldo Guimbarda says

    Question: what is the settings for the light meter?

  14. Michael Chandler says

    Thanks for these videos! They are a great learning experience. I did get a little turned around on one point in this video. It is on the EV compensation you used. From my eyes it looked like you set a minus EV (-1.0) in order to make the subject brighter? Should this not have been a +1.0 EV to brighten the subject. Probably my misunderstanding, but I am not sure I understand why you used -1.0. Left scratching my head! Thanks again!

  15. Kang Opit says

    Owesome koh !!!

  16. Janis Shetley says

    You are just such a good teacher. Your videos are informative and helpful. I really enjoy your channel! You always have something worth watching.

  17. Adrian Mohamed says

    very nice as usual 🙂

  18. john bue says

    the audio seems to be different

  19. Sourav Harijan says

    Fantastic sir . You are great.

  20. Milan SaJan says


  21. Tf K says


  22. Miley onDisney says

    WOW! Another great photography tip! Thanks!

  23. Ravi Chandran says

    Wonderful one… very short and informative.

  24. some90sKid says

    Hi ! It would help a lot if you could add the links to the videos you mentioned in the description or add them as 'cards'. As usual, thanks for a very informative video 🙂

  25. Sunit Ekka says

    Sir! how to use non ttl flash in the DSLR which doesn't have flash sync speed?

  26. zaman shaa says

    Thanks for another video ☺☺☺…you should know sir some of the viewers eagerly awaits.. wonderfully informative!!
    Can I ask you one Question. I am planning to get my first Group A camera. I like Canon camera+ lens given skin tune and love Nikon 's everything else. Can you help to chose a camera with balance of everything for my wedding and portrait photography.
    Please do a video on Distance and DoF in relation to aperture.
    You are the mighty best😋😋

    ( Current confusions : Canon 5D III, Nikon 810, Canon 6d ii)

  27. Kamlesh Rawat says

    The ultimate aperture priority hack link description plzzzzz

  28. ArtCraftCrazy says

    I need all the help I can get with my camera, i love it so much but the ISO etc gets me and I'm nervous using my flash (donna)

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