1. Allan Menard says

    Do not do all of these. Pick and choose. Markets are different, and many of these things require a lot of time and money initially. She also did not mention in the "expert" doing videos like this on you tube gains you another income stream eventually.

  2. Michelle Cox Photography says

    Great ideas here. I already do some of these things so I appreciate the new ideas!

  3. Robbie Keene says

    Here's a marketing tip for you. Put a link in the info to Sarah Petty Photography. A completely missed opportunity on your part. Missing something so basic brings into question the validity of these marketing ideas of yours.

  4. Swift Galleries says

    "Experts are worth more". Share your expertise. I love it!

  5. Cody Holfeltz says

    Magazines, newspaper and on TV… What year is this?

  6. April Nicole says

    Great info! Very helpful!

  7. krishna jakkamsetti says

    Good Ideas.It's very useful…Thankyou

  8. John Tadigiri says

    Thanking God for you..! 🙂 #Grateful

  9. Mark Gilla says

    insightful! thank you

  10. lubnakhan pathan says

    So helpful for my buisness….😃

  11. lubnakhan pathan says

    So helpful mam….😄

  12. Arric Graham says

    Film, Photography and Business

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    Email: filmmeest2018@gmail.com

  13. Warped Vision says

    Great info!

  14. Denisa Jančovičová says

    Thank you, really great marketing lesson ! Very helpful

  15. EC oh says

    Excellent video. Hope to see more videos from you. You said that we shouldn't compete in price instead we should create more value added incentives. How about if we are selling at platforms like Amazon, others seller are selling the same brand and products like us? Please advise.

  16. Eccentric Smithy says

    Being in the photography business I have learned one thing. ALL photographers lie. I can ask any pro photographer I walk into about how is business doing and they will straight lie to your face and say business is great, "I am fully booked". Yet not have a single client for months. There is this old saying in the business…"Fake it, till you make it" and that is exactly what this video is when she said she makes 6 figures. She may make six figures, but there is a decimal point before the last 2 figures. Her lack of video quality is proof, cause a 6 figure company can afford a better camera with better quality. On another note, the "13 of my best" is EVERY photographers best. These are the most common washed out tips EVERY photographer does a video about. To claim exclusivity with "my best" is just ridiculous.

  17. Sidelle Sydney says

    Great strategies why so much hate in the comments? These ppl must be lazy social media warriors who feel more followers equate to more revenue and exposure lol keep putting out content

  18. Isaac Druin says

    Six figure business, 360p video.
    KMS lol

  19. Amit Kandir says

    Great Tips…Thanks 🙂

  20. Andrea James Bramley says

    I suspect your photography is trash like your marketing strategy!

  21. christian bontigao says

    This is really much helpful

  22. NoizyCloset says

    this is great information

  23. Alberto Gobbato says

    Brutally honest!!Love it!!! 🙂

  24. Muhammad Noor Studio says

    Can I know wat is the best way to approach local boutiques? what should i do? What to say when we meet potential clients?

  25. Mohammad Kasim says

    Superb !

  26. Jordan Mohr says

    If nothing else, I've learned how to eat an elephant…

  27. Allen Benjamin says

    Love it.. thx.!

  28. Tom Oswald says

    Brilliant video, we have used it on our photo selling platform ClickASnap http://blog.clickasnap.com/2017/01/22/18-tips-for-selling-your-photos-using-a-clickasnap-pro-account/

  29. Brandon Simpson says

    Thankyou so much! I really can't say how much your video has helped me! I will definitely aim to do these tips!

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