Mounting Photos In An Album

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Mounting Photographs In An Album: Traditional wedding albums may not be as popular as they once were but every now and then I am asked to supply one for a wedding. In this episode I show you the best supplies and techniques I have found so far for sticking photos to the pages of an album. This will work for any paper page album not just the traditional wedding types.

  1. Gee OssyBee says

    I actually just bought the same album from Heritage about a month ago. It's the best of traditional albums out there. What is the name of the double sided tape and which shop did you buy it from? Thanks once again.

  2. Gee OssyBee says

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Frank Lawler says

    Nicely explained …Thank you.

  4. PhotoZen says


  5. Tom Jones says

    The see through trick doesn't work with black pages that many albums have. How do you make sure your image is straight?

  6. Tom Jones says

    Thank you. That was very helpful. Is it possible that the glue from the double-sided tape may eventually seep through and mark the photo? If you have spent money for acid free paper shouldn't the tape be the same?

  7. F R says

    May I ask what the name of photo albums with just paper are called? I just collected and gathered some family photos from a long time ago 1950's and 60's and wanted somewhere to store them. Plastic wallet albums wouldn't really work because of the big range of sizes the photos are in so I assumed my best bet is to use an album like the one in your video. I'm trying to search for one although I'm not sure I got the name right. Would you also suggest to use glue or double sided tape with these photos? Thanks.

  8. Jerri Smith says

    Hi Dave – what a great video, one I will share, the albums come from Heritage Photo Albums –

  9. peachesandpearls says

    This was so helpful thank you! I'm about to put together my own wedding album but was ideally wanting to use photo corners so I can still remove the photographs but they don't seem very strong. Is sticking them in permanently my best option?

  10. kenneth latham says

    i have a  question I want to make a  photo scrapbook with a ringed album  and use photo corners to  place the  photos on the pages. what can I put between the pages that will not hurt the photos and keep the  pages separated so the photos can't  stick together from page to page.

  11. Julian Roberts says

    Thankyou for the tip

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