Best Dual Handle For Your Gimbal(RoninS)? DH04 vs EACHSHOT | 4K

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Today we compare two handles for your Ronin-S, the Digitalfoto DH04 and EACHSHOT RoninS Dual Handle.

The DH04 is spring loaded Z-axis handle, while the Eachshot is a regular dual handle.

Checkout the videos to see the DH04 in action!
Curtis video:
Gregor video:

You can find both of these handles here (not affiliated)

Hope this video was somewhat helpful to you. Let me know where I can improve : )

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  1. Sandy Schupper says

    Nice review. Thank you. I purchased the Smallrig two handle set up for the Ronin-S. However, my problem and question is how do you now access the red button, the take the photo or video now button, on the Ronin S or any of the other control handle functions?

  2. AR 23 says

    could you put one handle on and tighten up the tension

  3. Aditya Basu says

    Hi there, how it's possible to move around without holding lock button on Ronin-S is there any settings to lock tilt without holding lock button.

  4. Jake Bray says

    All I could hear was 'doll handle' haha! Definitely a review I was looking after, cheers, dude.

  5. DMerino says

    Love that face in the Macbook šŸ˜€

  6. Root House Films says

    How much total weight can each one handle?

  7. Sutefoto &Website says

    Nice video, hi friend, we have an U type grip can suit your dual grip well, that can make it be an ring grip, do you have any interest for helping us test it ?if yes, just Pm me here :

  8. Obi Kenobi says

    Nice review šŸ™‚ Do you know what they weigh compared to each other? I guess you could easily pack out the space with a strip of closed cell foam to fit the spring handle DH04 to the Ronin.

  9. TheHitBrainiac says

    Awesome I need one my ronin s

  10. Kevin Le says

    Great video! Iā€™m working on a comparison video on the DNA 6000 for the ronin s and one of those neck straps I keep seeing on amazon

  11. Xin Lin says

    great video!!!!!

  12. Amr Mabrouk says

    Nice review, I would just like to recommend to bring the music volume down a tad bit as it became too distracting

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