How I Make Money With Photography

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Todays video is all about how I make money and a living with photography.

WHERE I GET MY MUSIC (30 days free with this link)-

My Compact photo Camera-
My Studio Light-
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Zoom Lens-
Favorite Lens-
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Battery Grip-
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Favorite Headphones Ever-

  1. Divi Photos says


  2. Wirable89Gaming Channel says

    just found your channel on YouTube.. great points…one sad note is that of your master class ads…too repetitive…

  3. Jeffery Erhunse says

    Recently just got into photography, currently for recreation. What are some recommendations for spots to shoot in Atlanta?

  4. Davit Gevorkyan says

    Do you want to know new ways to take photographs with your camera, iPhone or Android phones? Let me show you how to use your camera properly. Follow the link

  5. Eelke Oosterkamp says

    I feel like some professional photographers could use this video aswell because not everyone is exploiting their profession to its full potential.

  6. Lewis Loening says

    I struggle to gain followers on Instagram, what do you suggest?

  7. Sailor T says

    I know a photographer who does work for C rated models and celebrities who did outfield wedding photo for me for $700(usually $1,000). It took half a day for him to travel to a park and take pictures, setting scenes, and when he got home, he had to edit 10 photos of our choice. Considering all the hours he spent and equipment he invested in, I thought he was doing us a lot of favor. I got to know him more and more since I got him more clients and kept doing more work with him since then. He told me that the business is not as easy it looks and told me all about overhead costs. Photography is not an easy way to make money, I think it's even harder than music. Market is saturated and even well known local photo artists I know cannot make a living solely based on selling art pieces and have to take portraits or landscape photos to make something around 80k~150k per year. Some might say it's a lot, but the competition is very fierce and revenue fluctuates a lot. Those ones who survive and thriving, have my respect.

  8. anmol rakhasiya says

    Honest Information 👌

  9. ThePositiveLyfe says


  10. erwnalejo says

    which watch are you rocking? looks like a smart watch!

  11. Andy Smart says

    65,000 Instagram followers, pretty decent number….. I’ve got 128, make me feel bad why don’t you 😱😂

  12. GordosFotos says

    Great info, thanks

  13. Ping Jockey Productions says

    Im currently working with stock photo agencies. Great experience, sharpening photo skills , but it's slow to make income. Fortunately have full time job…
    Great video, lots of info….

  14. dvdragon says

    Thanks so much for the information! Love your channel.

  15. Chris R says

    Who dared to dislike? 0.0 This is not just information but motivation (at least for me) as well. Great video, please more like that 😀

  16. Jacob Romero says

    My guy said “subscribers on Instagram” it’s a new wave, what a goat 🔥

  17. Bart Ros says

    Nice Video Evan. Some helpful tips there. Me personally have done similarly, though partly by just going to people and offering my services. I live in a fairly small city (150k in the municipal area). And mostly shoot city and landscape. Knowing a ton of people love this city (bit of pride there) and its unique cityscape view, I really dug into that. To some succes. Tho I would want to rise above the competition by sheer exposure. You mentioned Social media. I have a decent instagram following, and have got paying costumers by just getting found on instagram. How do I grow this? At 26k followers and many in the niche that I aim at I had hopped for more succes in that regard.

  18. Hardene3f7 says

    Amazing! Very very helpful .. Thank you Evan.

  19. Anthony Blodgett says

    This is going to come in more than handy. Thank you.

  20. Marcelo Tavares says

    you're an inspiration dude! thanks!

  21. Topher says

    Great video, packed with info.

  22. Arcty says

    This was very helpful! Thank you!

  23. Omer Naor says

    When the hoodie will be back in stock?? Thanks for the real, hard, honest advices

  24. Julian Rudy says

    Your arm is freaking long

  25. wojteks86 says

    Always helpful, never been disappointed since I subscribed to your channel and from time to time I try to check a few older videos. Thanks for everything, Evan!

  26. Nick F says

    "You got to network to get work" -Dan Egan

  27. Jon Maat says

    Have you ever shot weddings? I’m sure you’d be great at it!

  28. Smit Machhi says

    Just realized….your tattoo is in Orange & Teal.

  29. Rendy Raksatama says

    Why don't you sale your photos through stock photos ? I think that will be a nice passive income

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