1. Sherrie Benson says

    After reviewing a video regarding an app that would be way costly, I ran across your video. I truly believe I can do this. Your step by step instructions are on point! Great Job!

  2. Robin Withrow-Wong says

    I'm not crafty but think I might be able to do this! Thank you…. Adorable family!

  3. Carol Charles says

    Love it ..I’m going to do this 🌹

  4. Betsy Two says

    Yes they are Gorgeous 😎💜

  5. Kay Farm says

    Slow. I have 12 ggkids and want canvas photos to hang. Thank you for such a super cheap way to accomplish that

  6. Angela Armstead says

    Super cute!!! Love this craft!!!

  7. Earnestine Strahan says

    Really nice.

  8. Jesus Rojas says

    i dont have a walmart near me can i just print the photo with my printer with copy paper

  9. I’m definitely going to try this !!!

  10. Sharelle Thompson says

    As a photographer this is a life saver, thank you!

  11. Sharelle Thompson says

    How do these canvases hold up over time, say maybe a few years? Do they peel or degrade or do they hold up pretty nicely?

  12. Travasha Florence says

    Love this!!❤️

  13. Linda Owens says

    Absolutely Gorgeous won't you do it! lol looks store manufactured great job😃

  14. Crafting With The Heart says

    Hi zania for some reason I have not seen you in a while.i had to go searching for your channel. I have you with the bell but … anyway I found you. blessings

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