Natural Light Wedding Photography – Tips, Tricks & Posing

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Used the 35MM 1.4 Canon Lens!

Special thank you to

Maison Farola in DETROIT – Floral Bouquet
Nicole Herman – Makeup
Katrina Malota – Hair
Blush Bridal Couture BIRMINGHAM – Dress

SNAPCHAT: jessicakobeissi

  1. Candiani Photography says

    Why no flash?

  2. TT Smasher says

    Blow out highlight


    Tnk U

  4. Brian Junior says

    "..Position the bride and groom behind the sun.." Wow 😂😂

  5. Allen A says

    Wow a few people commenting on the backround and highlights hmm , come show us how it's done the proper way . Not using editing but with the camera .

  6. Gabrielle Searles says

    I would love to see how these are edited. If I shot from that angle, my subjects would be too dark. How do you do this?!

  7. Seirra Campbell says

    This is so helpful! Thank you!

  8. Kellie Manley says

    I can't ever get my people exposed without blowing the sky out

  9. SOLEBROTHER5050 says

    Not knocking this video at all, but i think you should have used an ND filter to really bring out that background. too blown out for me.

  10. Fotoreka Chanel says

    Good job!

  11. Kathy809RD says

    (Punta Cana <3) Dominican in the house!

  12. Delaney Jane says

    Within the first few seconds of the video I knew the exact spot you were in. Belle isle is one of my favorite places to take clients!

  13. Shinjo Shin says

    From michigan too. wedding photographer. Nice to meet you

  14. Simon Everett says

    Nice however though just for tutorial purposes, I would concentrate o the background, things you don't need, cars kids on bikes etc, plus f2.5 is always iffy with couples, one being a little more blurred than the other.

  15. gwen . says


  16. Alien ._. says

    Is the bride a model?

  17. Shona Bohmer says

    Are you in aperture priority mode? Is ISO set or on Auto?

  18. carltonway1 says

    Nice photos. What are your presets? And are they for sale?

  19. John patrik says

    Seid ihr in Österreich?

  20. Massimo Cavalieri d'Oro says

    the bride is annoying

  21. Javier Del Cid says

    Great photos, do you do the same at the reception?

  22. Violeta Guajardo says

    What are you taking picture in? Is it manual mode or what

  23. Cesar Ramirez says

    So many helpful pointers and tips! It was also fun to watch! Thanks for posting!

  24. abellia11214 says

    Great advise on having poses on phone to show couple.

  25. Rajza OlShop says

    may know what camera you use?

  26. eXaviar sanTos says

    Awesome Vid!!!

  27. Kanra Rogue says

    A close friend of mine asked me to be her photographer for her wedding and this is sooooo helpful thanks so much!!!

  28. Lengchungnung Photography says

    I really like the way you edit this photos, do you have a video tutorial editing for this photos?🤗

  29. edith torres says

    What time of the day are you shooting? Nice pictures.

  30. Paulii ROTX says

    Awesome video.
    I’m getting into the industry this year.
    Thank you for sharing!

  31. Princess Ruth says

    Good looking couple

  32. junior luzano edvko says

    "ill add that to my resume" lmaooo! you're too funny

  33. Shahrul Muhamad says

    This is a good tutorial

  34. Heavy D Silva says

    Hahaha that dude and his 2pac had…..relax ur fingers man and act non douche!

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