Learn how to Compose POWERFUL PHOTOGRAPHY!

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Big thanks to my buddy ash for helping with some shots!

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  1. Henbu says

    Follow me on Instagram!: https://www.instagram.com/henbu_

  2. TheBuffNerds says

    Hey bro! Reaching out to you in an email shortly! Wanna collab with you and my new filmmakers product!

  3. codemeisterinsd says

    Stumbled upon your channel man! Hope all is well with you dude let’s shoot sometime.

  4. Nómada Maya says

    Hello from mexico

  5. Coi AQ3D says

    I shot my family, they are gone now.

  6. Physically Depressed says

    Tips on mobile photography pls

  7. Riccardo Meneghello says

    Super useful tips thanks man 👌🏼🙏🏻

  8. Franco Baudino says

    Great video henbu can’t wait to see more of your content

  9. Android Player says

    Great tips man, would love to see on your future videos how you capture that dope sunsets and milky ways and also how you edit them … keep that awesome job that you are doing around here

  10. PhiliamTV - Tech says

    could you link your mic pls 🙂 the one from this video

  11. naono_ambito says

    really great colors man!

  12. Bryson W says

    Hey! Just dropping by to say that you’re video was featured in my recommendation list and this advice video helped me a lot as I’m trying hard to learn about composition in photography. Cheers mate! ✌️

  13. kimou. DZ says

    What kind of camera do you use?

  14. Jake Hindle says

    Love this! Super helpful and inspiring.

  15. Noel Friedrich says

    He uses a bot to like all the comments at a certain time but doesnt answer them. Nice

  16. T.j. Rosemond says

    great video!

  17. Uber driver Janis says

    Tipp 4 didnt went well with my school :/

  18. erik ribes says

    I apriciate your work. Cheers bro!

  19. thelexvisiondotcom says

    ..literally every one of those videos was fire bro – a rare sight!

  20. a says

    how to compose powerful photoshop

  21. Yash Menghani says

    at 2:06, Don't you think the grids are inproportionate and the rule doesn't apply??

  22. Acasia Simone says

    You take really nice photos. Great video btw 🙂

  23. Caitlin Banawa says

    you inspire me :")

  24. Mythos One says


  25. T.Mayne Photography says

    Wow I think you’re absolutely amazing. And you’re such an inspiration.
    So much so that you’ve inspired me to start my own YouTube channel, to document my growth thanks to you!!!!

  26. Danya Kondr says

    idk why, but i really liked ur speach. I mean the way u talked… pretty asmr xd

  27. Blink says

    these tips are for a fucking 8 year old kid …..

  28. kanhu charana Pradhan says

    im the 700th person to like your video yo

  29. Aj Stewart says

    Subscribing just cause of the dope pic of Famous Dex and Lofi lol

  30. Lucifer Dow says

    thanks a lot man

  31. Adam Salinas says

    Foggy photos

  32. Kristian Svendsen says

    Omg that music. Name pleaaase?:)

  33. Ron Brown says

    Great tips on composition. I'm 59 years old and you inspire to become better with my photography, I want to thank you for that.

  34. Pnoysneakerhead24 says

    what bag u be using?

  35. specialized41 says

    Very useful video, thanks!! By the way what equipment you use for video and for photography.? Thanks again.

  36. Wayne Wong says

    your skin tone looks nicer, haaa

  37. Kevin M Tran says

    Man, I always get motivated tuning into your channel 🙂

  38. Jack Su says

    Thanks for everything you do man. I really appreciate it! Keep it up!

  39. David Lopez says

    Great video henbu. This was a great refresher for me since I usually forget to pay attention to composition. It’s a habit I am trying to kick lol

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