improve your studio lighting with these 3 simple setups

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In this video, Jake Thomas joins me to show us a 1-2-3 light setup – that any photographer can do!

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  1. Jürgen Kaßnitz says

    I`m still using my 5 second-hand TTL speedlights with some modifiers, I`ve spent less than 300-400 EURO, that`s what I call cheap

  2. Mason Dauphin says

    Any idea what backdrop is being used?

  3. Made Up TV says

    This so discourages me sadly. I can't afford any of this

  4. PeterGrey Chiluli says

    hahahah jessy that bounce board cant even fit in a closet!,,,Love this shoot and tips

  5. Alonza Mitchell says

    What size is that paper?

  6. Rosario Curia says

    It's amazing, she has such a popular photography channel and she doesn't know what she's talking about 🤣

  7. Alexandra Darby says

    Getting Jared Letto vibes from this guy.

  8. Davina Hovanec says

    Any large hardware store plus some sort of tape; would be a waste to use gaffers. Now you have V-flats. 🙂

  9. Santa Fe Fashion Week™ says

    Great information!

  10. Watty Jay says

    Run by me that ratio thing again 🤔

  11. jjaylad says

    To use an 86" softbox you need a studio with at least a 10' ceiling height. So for starters you just cut out 95% of amateur photographers. Please be more realistic. I stopped there, My ceiling is under 8'.

  12. Alasandro Fenston says

    This was great. Thank you!

  13. Goran Katic says

    Must say Jake knows the business but she needs to eat a lot of spinach to learn studio photography.:D

  14. Coskun says

    Hey! Would you like some fast-paced music for your channel? DM me on Instagram @coskunproducer

  15. Danas Sodaitis says

    What preset or action you used for the retouch? 😉 Thanks

  16. Isfandiyor Valiyev says

    Very nice

  17. Media Buster says

    Spoiler alert. Jake sucks compared to Jessica.

  18. Media Buster says

    I love when they say "it's only about 300-400" for the one light.. dude seriously?

  19. nekopii says


  20. Lyan Punales says

    whats the software to see the photos on the tablet or laptop as you take them?
    can you do that with Lightroom?

  21. JakulaithWolff says

    The model's skills though….

  22. JakulaithWolff says

    I was searching so hard for this and glad I found you have uploaded about lighting.
    You're my photography Buddha now.

  23. Jayvee Soliveres says

    What exact model of Einstein Flash is that @2:53? thank you

  24. Alin Cristian Militaru says

    why are you waxing your arms?

  25. 92 VioletUltra says

    That studio is gorgeous. I love the black walls and the strips of lights behind the backdrop.

  26. CARLOS A INCOTE says

    This is a great video. Lots of good info. One question: using the 2 lights scheme, how do you set both (1 or 2 stops difference?), and what is the camera setting (same as reflector or as umbrella?)

  27. Morick Gibson says

    One thing I'm confused I see flashes and is something you haven't mentioned in your lighting setup……where did you position it?

  28. Hitesh Patil says

    3 simple light setups, so true .

  29. Joy Willemse says

    Next thing: Improve audio setup

  30. Katrine Brungaard says

    I have a single light but it's much smaller than that one and I don't get the same look at all!

  31. Si Shims says

    "on a budget"!

  32. Ivan Ivanov says

    Damn, working with the professional model must be so nice!

  33. Kel says

    I am looking to do studio sessions but had NO IDEA where to start and what to consider. The commentary and insight you and Jake gave individually along with actually showing us different equipment being utilized LIVE is beyond awesome. I felt like I was actually in the room with you guys. Yall rock and s/o to Jake, he was really dope

  34. Jay Schtulmann says

    Sorry for the super basic question, but are those continuous lights and also strobes?

  35. Martin Petróci says

    Super Lightning tips Thanks for that, also the model was posing very veryyyy nice, THANKS for this VIDEO

  36. James O'Gara says

    Very nice!

  37. Ed Zabel says

    Negative fill?

  38. harper222 says

    "It's budget, this doesn't cost too much"
    Proceeds to list things that cost too much.

  39. C S says

    Are there any distances or per settings that we can get as well?

  40. C S says

    What's the size of the first modifier?

  41. Tuna Simona says

    How is that light stable and still shooting flash from it please?

  42. Home of DIY says

    Wonderful explanation of the professional lighting based on experience photographers
    Im not a pro but I love photo shoot and try my best to have good quality for the lowest price, so come up with some home made ideas that mimic professional equipment (that many people wont pay) , with OMG amazing results !!!
    All the ideas thanks to people like you that actually show the magic behind the Camera

  43. Gabrielle Williams says

    Starts at 1:42

  44. IgorDisenoGrafico says

    OMG thats the guy from Lizzie Mcguire

  45. wellwhatthen10101 says

    I was looking forward to this video until you said $300 – $400 is not bad. This is not doing things on the cheap i would hate for you to purchase any equipment for me if that's what you call ok. Was you born with a silver spoon or what. You can achieve the same results without that cost for one umbrella modifier. Money must be going out of fashion. Is it made by broncolor not all people have that money to spend on one modifier, and the people that are interested in starting photography may have second thoughts at them prices for the equipment.

  46. MK Norris says

    I luv my apple boxes!!

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