very inspiring. i love your vlog

  2. Ayodeji Deen says

    Hello, I got really inspired by your video and have decided to give it a shot, i just ordered for 3 light stands now on eBay (
    72 – 230cm Professional Studio SoftBox Flash Continuous Light Stand) but can't figure out what kind of rod stick you got there in your set up. would it be possible to list the items please 🙂

  3. ELLIOT STERN says

    what modifier is that from prophoto

  4. V N Rao Polamarasetty says

    so nice and simple

  5. WILL revellet says

    Like .

  6. WILL revellet says

    Like ! .

  7. Winstead says

    nice! this is exactly how i work too, you can make professional looking images, people wont tell a difference if you know what you are doing, thats for sure, but exactly like you said it just doesnt look that professional to invite people home heh, but yeah, really good for tfp type shoots i think!

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